Hitman Hokkaido review

Talking to them, they seemed undoubtedly pleased to have closed the circle, but they did not reveal too much sales data. Certainly we can tell you that the developers have greatly appreciated the approach of their community to the new nature of the brand, sifting through each map and enjoying it to the bottom instead of focusing on a single – and easy – solution to the various eliminations.


On the other hand, the episodes are not so alien to the nature of the series: a sort of stealth sandbox with complex maps and numerous interactive elements, where kills are practically environmental puzzles in most cases.


If the contents come out slowly, the player is practically forced to revisit the various locations, so the planning work of the development team is appreciated more (even if, obviously, the defenders of the “complete game” have their own good reasons).


But let’s get back on track, just talking about episode six, which has very little to do with the scariest day of the year.It takes place in Hokkaido, in an ultra-technological snow-covered resort named GAMA.

The last killing of  agent 47 hitman is in Japan: here are our impressions of the final episode of Hitman


The GAMA center is not a common resort: it hides highly advanced operating rooms, where specialized surgeons operate outside the law. A place that is well linked to our primary goal – which we will avoid to reveal the identity – there hospitalized for a heart transplant, despite a very rare genetic condition known as Situs Inversus (in practice owner of a body with the positions of the organs reversed ).

Not a seppuku

Even on this occasion, however, there are two targets: the patient just mentioned and his lawyer, a tireless woman with strong ties with the Yakuza, who walks through the halls of GAMA as if it were his property. And so far the Hokkaido chapter might seem extremely similar to all the others, but in reality the agent 47 is forced to face the task without any tool, since infiltrated in the center instead of another client.

Hitman (2016) Episode 6: Hokkaido Walkthrough&Hitman hokkaido guide

The developers explained that they wanted to make the experience a little more unique, after noticing the fans’ appreciation of alternative conditions during the completion of the mission(also stating that any future chapters could contain even more peculiar situations and greater limitations). Of course you can still tackle the Hokkaido chapter with the right equipment, but this only gets unlocked at the right level of Mastery.


Not that there is a huge need anyway, since the merger of luxury SPA and hospital offers countless possibilities to a likeable killer. If, on the one hand, in fact, some of the primary killings are still quite easy to obtain, the map in Hokkaido has an extra gear with regard to alternative options, which – leaving aside the usual poisonings and sabotage – are sometimes really funny.


Let’s avoid revealing too many methods of killing, telling you only that a couple of possibilities take advantage of saunas and yoga, while others are extremely bloody (especially on the main target) and are not even a walk to be completed at high levels of difficulty.

Not a seppuku

On the one hand it is always possible to easily circumvent certain situations with the right disguise, but non-player characters able to recognize 47 are positioned in a fairly strategic way, and it is sometimes complicated to arrive unnoticed in a specific area.


The strength of the GAMA complex, however, is neither the level of challenge nor the extent:the map of this chapter is in fact more concentrated than other highly appreciated episodes like Paris or Sapienza, and its primary quality lies in its versatility, because in its rooms and hidden areas there are an impressive quantity of interactive elements that are fantastic for killing extra targets in addition to the two main ones. Hokkaido, in practice,


is a great map for Contracts that can be approached creatively with kills often at the level of primary ones (all helped by a slight improvement of the artificial tree “artificial” reactions, which vary according to to the chosen target facilitating the activation of the conditions necessary to eliminate it).


In short, it is a map that can be played for a long time by perfectionists and those who adore trinkets and alternatives to the main adventure, but which does not actually reach the levels of the best additions to the game.


From a narrative point of view, however,offers a fair conclusion to the first season, making this return of the series a product – on the whole – of excellent workmanship and quality. Returning to the initial question, however, how many of you are still interested in its evolution after all these months?

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