We play without screen!
1-2-Switch challenges two or more players divided into teams to several mini-games that test the speed, accuracy, responsiveness and rhythm of each. In total, the different tests are 28, each featuring a value of its “badness” measured in chillies, fro
m 1 up to 5. The variety is certainly not low, with some of them really successful and “innovative” able to demonstrate the capacities of the HD Rumble like that of the Chinese boxes, while other more classic that reproduce the timeless evergreen of motion controling, such as capturing the flag.
Within them we can really find
any kind of experience: milking the cows is able to show off the various vibrational intensity that the controller can reproduce, combining them with the recognition of the vertical movement. Shake the bottle instead it combines the features of the accelerometer with those of the infrared sensor, and so on.
The most interesting aspect is that the game really comes to offer a system of controls completely disconnected from the screen, where the vibration and precision of the sensors can largely replace the visual stimuli.
Recognizing all these advantages we must also admit that unfortunately the playfulness of the project is reduced by the fact that the available modes are
basically 3: one that makes us choose the minigames for each new game, the other proposes the minigames randomly and the ‘ the latter being a wider and more organized team game, which in fact is simply a game of the goose, where between dice and minigames will come to the victory of one or the other team.
It’s not all gold that vibrates
If you were to enter the game’s mechanics you would also end up having fun, but only for short sessions before falling into the repetition of the underlying mechanisms of the whole gaming offer. The activities are all framed by graphic nudes and well-made introductory video clips, including some very entertaining. Unfortunately, sometimes there is little clarity, so the indications of those who had already played us were still the main source of learning, for the rest we can still find ourselves satisfied.
 Unfortunately, the game is only available in two or more players, and there is not even a single mode to try out the various mini-games and, if necessary, train for the match on Saturday night, but the really unjustifiable aspect is to be identified in the price. We understand the willingness of developers to give value to Switch functionality, but we also feel confident that the product could have been included in the console package to embellish the offer rather than being sold separately. Under these conditions, unfortunately,1-2-Switch , as fun as it is, is not enough to justify its purchase.