Zombie Army Trilogy

Rebellion has managed to open a gap in the ultra-competitive shooters market thanks to Sniper Elite. Although not very realistic, the saga is focused on the


popular role of the sniper in a large-scale warlike conflict like World War II, allowing us to play the role of silent killer while we recreate how our precise shot crosses the skull of an enemy – slow motion and with X-ray vision, not to miss any detail. The trilogy has had good acceptance, accompanied by a progress of remarkable quality


despite being a much more modest production than the giants that usually inhabit the world of war action titles. A unique spin-off has also developed alongside it, also in the tradition of many games offering more fun and less serious alternatives to their official campaigns.


And since the enemies are Nazis, you can not blame the English study that the spin off is against zombies, Nazi zombies for more, it is too tempting not to resort to a merger of two of the most archetypal enemies of the game.

Not only do enemies change, Zombie Army is a much more visceral game than Sniper Elite. Enemies are counted by tens, and although they generally wake up in the distance and give us time to take advantage of our sniper rifle, they also require us to use


short-range weapons once the horde has reached our position. The enemies always know where we are and will approach at a slow but unstoppable pace,

so hiding makes little sense here. Everything is based on making our distant shots as effective and fast as possible, to get that once the rest are too close we can finish them with some comfort.

Zombie Army Trilogy (PC) screenshot
Zombie Army Trilogy (PC) screenshotZombie Army Trilogy (PC) screenshot

Of course, it’s not just about that, the game progressively introduces a variety of enemies that make us one step ahead. For example, there is a zombie “runner” who will not only come to our position much faster but also will do so with an explosive attached to the


body, so you have to try to knock him down before he arrives or be very aware that he is not come to us by some dead angle – in general you do not have to rely too much on the telescopic peephole, sometimes it makes us forget that enemies can also come from the sides or


the back. There are also harder enemies, undead people who have not forgotten to shoot, ghosts and ” super-zombies”“That will make us sweat blood at the end of the mission. In addition to firearms we have certain resources such as grenades or mines, which can make our life a lot easier if we use them properly.

The level design offers us scenarios to use this kind of extra resources and give us a bit of variety of approach. There are more linear levels, such as the one in which we face undead in a train, while others offer us more open locations in which we must have more open eyes and look for the best positions. But in general, the variety of weapons, scenarios and enemies do not arrive to

avoid becoming a bit repetitive. After all, the Zombie Army are juicy extra pay of their respective titles, are not designed as a “complete” game as such.


The combination of the two existing episodes, plus the inclusion of a new episode, also taking into account that each phase can be long, It can lead to a certain fatigue depending on our ability to “disconnect” the mind and focus on the action. For some, Zombie Army Trilogy


will be good entertainment for a considerable number of hours –15 phases in campaign mode , with an average duration of 40 minutes give enough. Others should play with a little space between sessions to not get tired too quickly. And for those who need more than shooting, surely this is not their game.