Argus, feeling partly guilty for what happened, I went into a prolonged drinking bout and became a conventional pharmacist who sells potions from GAZ cars for cats and an analogue of Viagra for the leader of the local mafia orcs. But soon the two events forced him to leave long occupied a place and then go on a dangerous adventure.

In the first place, “Don Corleone” local orc was extremely dissatisfied with the use of “Viagra” because he did not use it, and vtor … where you should not.

Secondly, the city turned up a motley group of young people with enormous swords behind and colorful hairstyles, like escapees from some of Final Fantasy , – a melancholy emo with intelligence 14-year-old transvestite (so speaks Argus), another altogether idiot .

But the blue-haired girl is clearly smarter than the others – it is conceived to hike to nearby ruins, which prevent our hero can not.

Soon they, of course, will have to travel together – as usual, swearing at and flirting with each other. And in front of them waiting for a lot of work: new demonic invasion that occurred because of their fault, a showdown with former colleagues – magicians, breaking and entering, doomsday device, saving the world and the freight is very important Scepter in the fashion handbag …

Zenith game review

When solving tasks and overcome the traps have to carry gravity periodically.

Flying Circus Argus Vindella 

the Zenith – a parody not only role-playing genre in general, and Final Fantasy in particular. Then there are references to a variety of other games and movies, including “Star Wars” and “Harry Potter.”

In one of the taverns can be found Volondemorta sad – he once blew up the west wing of the local Academy of magic, trying to move part of his soul in the shade, and now asks you to bring him points for five thousand gold to continue his dangerous experiments.

Humor, as often happens in such situations, we got rough. Jokes about farts gonorrhea and cats openly through the floor, and a parody of suffering emo rotten even in the Novels Grotesque Tactics.

Yet not once, not twice authors make us sincere smile. Argus always gets into ridiculous situations, but never lose the presence of mind and a sense of humor – and no wonder, if you carkazm developed up to 999 levels.

He shoots frightened elephants at demon portals, watches imperial golems rush pickled elves in barrels, and even becomes a god for a race of intelligent rats – thanks unsuccessful potions from his pharmacy, drained into the sewer, they acquired intelligence and now pray to little blue and reds bottle .

And all this farce writers manage to intelligently combine and alternate with a really interesting story. Why actually Argus became a pharmacist, that hides the blue-haired girl, why the evil of the former emperor once magical Scepter (maybe he really just wants to look fashionable?)?

History is constantly intrigues and surprises. And the images of the characters, their relationships with each other prescribed fine – they quickly imbued with sympathy, and then you start to worry about them wanting to watch than it is all over.

Natural game 

Final Fantasyand ilk parodies and structure of the game itself. There are epic story about saving the world and the blue-haired girls that flows linearly and only occasionally interrupted stingy side quests ( “Find the green bandit who breaks all the pots in the city, and bring me proof of his death -.

Well, if I accidentally’m away in the mountains, where he hides, and I suddenly want to kill him, maybe … In general, it is better not to wait for me! “).

Zenith game review

“Bosses” here are large, and each, as expected, to find its own approach.

And there’s a global map, on which we move between important locations, running away from the counter-cross-monsters or, on the contrary, seeking meetings with them in order to “pump up” and earn some money. In addition to participating in the dialogues and battles occasionally need to run around indoors, to overcome a variety of traps and solve more or less unpretentious (and sometimes not quite unpretentious) puzzles. There is even a stealth elements.