Zack Snyder ironically commented on the superhero sex scandal

The bottom line was the following – the publisher refused to show in the adult animated series an episode when the Dark Knight orally pleases his girlfriend, because “heroes don’t do that” and such stories interfere with toy sales.

Many criticized DC’s approach, citing several comic book episodes in which the sexual adventures of the same characters did not bother anyone. The publisher also recalled a number of controversial stories on the same topic, which for some reason missed – in the spirit of Batman’s intercourse and Batgirl in the animated version “Murderous Joke”which was not in the original Alana Moore

Many users reacted to the issue with irony, and Snyder himself joined them. The director posted a drawing on Twitter on the topic of the aforementioned issue, adding a laconic caption: “Canon”.

In the future, for sure someone will try to get an opinion on this and Robert Pattinson from Zoe Kravitzwho play characters in the new “Batman” Matt Reeves… The press tour of the film can be quite funny.

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