Between simulation and fantasy

Last summer, quietly and apparently without any ambition,youtubers life steam arrived on the market. The title, although it did not aim to recreate the life of the youtuber, proved to be interesting and able to give some smiles.


Compared to our proof of the Early Access version , the game that you can buy now on Steam is its final version. Even though we have already adequately pitted the experience, it seemed right to go check the status of the work and the support offered by the developers in recent months.

Youtubers Life is fresh and fun, but it will not remain in the history of the genre to which it belongs


There, where the title up to six months ago gave the opportunity to undertake only the career related to the gaming channel, today allows you to launch into the world of music or in the now ubiquitous kitchen. Everything takes place exactly as before. You create your own avatar, to which you apply a modest array of physical variables and you immediately launch into the cauldron.

Between simulation and fantasy
Between simulation and fantasy

Having already talked deeply about what is the gaming career, we try to give an idea of ​​the differences and the strengths of the new opportunities. It is precisely on this basis that the first big problem arises. Although it is appreciable the effort of U-Play boys to give a specific connotation to both the choice of music and culinary, the non-extreme depth of the gameplay of the title still hides a certain repetition of the actions to be performed.


We can not deny that the developers have read and assimilated the feedback of the players in the months, but the feeling of always playing the same thing with an aesthetic and theme change is quite pressing.


Do not misunderstand, the differences are there and are reflected in the obvious change of setting, in the need to collaborate with major record labels or very important chefs. You will happen to travel the world playing or practicing with the restaurant, but inevitably that sense of chronic déjà vu comes to be felt.


The problems on the overly fast passage of time have been filed and we tried to make the video editing less casual and more reasoned, but the juice is still the fun part of the first version. Your tasks in  youtubers life online will always respond to the primary need to produce good videos, following a process of editing various randomly generated sections that will be received by your audience.


Whenever you upload a video on your channel, the statistics relating to that content will go up for a period of time directly proportional to the quality of the video itself. This basic rule will produce new members, new views and the consequential increase in your finances.


Next to the main activity of your avatar, it will be possible to exploit the Sims-like substratum that the game has to offer. It will not be enough to pack videos in profusion if you do not maintain your interpersonal relationships and do not participate in events and collaborations, necessary for the growth of our business.


Dinners, parties, outings between friends, meetings with producers and colleagues will be the basis of the gameplay of the title and also represent the strong point,as well as the best of the two new campaigns.


Let’s be clear: we are not talking about the distortions of the gameplay, nor an extraordinary innovation of the ideas behind the genre of belonging, but  youtubers life pc continues to give a few hours of pleasant company for all lovers of management looking for something less demanding than usual.


Having to try to analyze the progress made during the Early Access period, we can not fail to realize the positive attitude of the development team. For months the guys at U-Play have read, assimilated and put into practice the good ideas coming from the community.

Between simulation and fantasy

This has turned into a series of updates to fix the flaws in the release of new campaigns. As for the music channel, among the interesting features it is possible to notice that of the procedural generation of the traces that are composed by their alter ego. This will involve a series of variables that make each game different from the others.


Thanks to the ability to play on  youtubers in real live concerts, the music campaign is fresh and fun, probably the best and most stratified among those present.As for the last arrival, now present for a couple of months, the narrative arc of the chef’s campaign, has its particular appeal given the great success of this kind of content, both on TV and on the web.


From the simple dish cooked and taken back home, you get to be noticed, through your channel, by the leading executive chefs of the best restaurants, and invited to cook for them in their own premises.


Nothing striking and certainly less spectacular career as a professional singer, but still able to give smiles and pleasant sessions between a first course and a dessert to finish. In short, the new careers work without distorting the system, maintaining the creation of video related to the choice of cards to be placed in specific points in the timeline.


But these are the small additions  youtubers life apk, like the mini-game related to live concerts, to add that pepper that is still missing from the title to make it a complete and lasting tycoon.