You cannot organize content into folders on PlayStation 5, but there are alternatives

In the interface Playstation 5 there will be no folder system support, informs the publication GameSpotIn other words, at the launch of the console, you will not be able to personally organize your impressive library of games and applications, as you could on PS4… Fortunately, the new platform from Sony offers a number of other convenient alternatives for organizing content.

For example, you will have the option to display games in the main menu based on their main platform – Playstation 4, Playstation 5 or Playstation 3 (within the service PlayStation Now). The filter settings will also make it easy to find both projects purchased for money and received through a subscription PlayStation Plus

Another nice thing is that you have access to several versions of the same game at once. For example, if we talk about projects that have standalone versions under Playstation 5but also went out to Playstation 4, you will be able to run each of them separately. The same applies to demo versions. This opportunity will be especially relevant for helmet owners. PlayStation VR, which the on PS5 works exclusively with PS4 games

Start of sales Playstation 5 in selected regions assigned to 12 november, the Russian premiere of the console is expected November 19

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