“You Are a Samurai”: Cinematic Trailer of the Game “Tsushima Ghost” – an exclusive PlayStation 4

The last major exclusive will go on sale on July 17 Playstation 4Ghost of tushusha from the InFamous studio that created the trilogy Sucker punch productions. How successful the “Ghost of Tsushima” turned out to be, we will learn on the 14th when the ban on publishing reviews will be lifted, and today, Sony has released a new cinematic trailer for the game to fuel interest in the upcoming release..

“The island of Tsushima is on the verge of destruction. The Samurai suffered a crushing defeat in the battle with the Mongol invaders. The valiant warrior Dzin Sakai is ready to sacrifice everything to protect his native land and his people. In order to liberate Tsushima, he has to reject Samurai traditions and embark on a new path – the path of the Phantom” – reads the description of the video.

Duplicated trailer in Russian:

The other day, Sucker Punch also showed several atmospheric artworks and the Japanese TV movie Ghost of Tsushima.

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