The tomo has a problem, however, caused by Mr Quack’s and Capital B’s thirst for power, two loopholes with a good expansion of his own corporate empire: the two have ripped off all the pages of the book, disseminating them around the world.


The pretense will serve Yooka and Laylee for their adventure, supported by a reptile-looking merchant who is ready to teach them all the secrets to triumph in the fight and bring back all the paging iterations at home. The plot, as far as we can see in the early hours of play, is quite simple, close to what the platform plots of the 1990’s were, without too much exaggeration and without any stylistic charm: we doubt that in the pursuit of the adventure there can be great novelties from the point of vi


ew of the plot, and it will easily come to the final clash after collecting all the pages of the book and having learned all combat techniques. To make this happen we will need to collect golden feathers spread in the various worlds we visit, to which we can only a


ccess after having obtained a certain number of Pagers. So it happened that we had to fulfill several missions to complete this vicious circle that brought us first to get the pieces of the book, then the feathers and then to enter new worlds. We have clearly decided to break the first so that we can have a general blemish of what is the ‘ offering sub-q


uests, if so we can define them. We faced a cloud in a racing track, exploiting our ability to roll: the only difficulty of this segment was to roll continuously, without ever ending the energy bar to recover thanks to the help of purple butterflies that we will find here and there


for our journey, and Yooka will be able to eat. Still others have simply asked us to defend a scumbag who was caught in a cauldron by the assault of the enemies: after defeating us, our reward came in our hands. All missions quite affordable and nothing fanciful difficult, if not for some level design problem that made us desert, after the third attempt,


Subsequent phage The main problems of Yooka-Laylee are all to be found in the management of the characters, with patterns of moves that are really too simple and discounted, since the shot in action that from the roll, which among other things allows to climb steep shelves that would otherwise be invaluable. The same design level as it seems to be elaborated remains very sma


ll in size, offering an exploration that is easily attributable to that of the very first Spyrowithout even tweaking Jak & Daxter, who could give a hint of a much more open world. In short, the search for Pagers will reduce to a continuation of finding NPCs ready to entrust us, satisfy them and return from them to get another page of the tomo so that we can access the next world. A sy


stem that after an hour of playing has given us a redundant feeling and, we trust, can find more variety in the next few hours. In addition, it is also true for platforms, an hour and a little bit of gameplay never allow us to understand the mechanics well, especially since we did not face any boss battle, as long as there were, and we did not have to find out what other moves could have be


en to learn our Yooka and Laylee, with the latter, which, in fact, did not give much to the gameplay. The same style, from the incomprehensible choice of dubbing, did not completely satisfy us: all the protagonists emit annoying verses that have no kind of consideration for human phonemes; choice that if at first it may even be nice – in spite of the absence of lip sync – over time it will push you to remove the playing audio.