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Peripherals from ADATA – not the most popular, and has not previously been reviewed by us. It is produced under the brand XPG and so far has two mouse models, two rugs and two keyboards. Today we will get acquainted with the flagship keyboard.

XPG Summoner Supplied in a standard carton. It features signs of the brand’s corporate identity, made in black and red shades. On the front side of the keyboard box there is an image of it, and on the back there is an explanation with the characteristics.

The package includes the XPG Summoner itself, a magnetic brush pad, a set of paper instructions and nine removable keycaps.

The keyboard looks impressive. The front side is made of brushed aluminum in a dark graphite color, and the back is made of plastic, but on it we can see the tilt adjusters and rubber feet. The front side also houses an analog volume wheel and a chrome XPG brand logo. Keycaps are matte, made of pleasant plastic.

The keyboard is not minimalistic, it is rather large and heavy. In addition, the design is quite in the spirit of modern gaming devices. However, we liked the design, the XPG Summoner looks good and will fit seamlessly into the interior of your gaming table.

XPG Summoner is available in different variations with switches that suit you best. But in any case, it will be the familiar Cherry MX. We got a version with Cherry MX Blue in our editorial office – these are switches with a pronounced click and tactile feedback. Working and typing on these is extremely pleasant and convenient, but during the game you will have to get used to it a little, although this is a matter of taste. And what is important, despite the metal casing of the keyboard, with its active use, you will not hear a metallic echo like on competing devices.

The XPG Summoner is magnetically attached to an ergonomic wrist pad that increases keyboard comfort by orders of magnitude. Usually I was not attracted to this kind of accessories – I did not understand what the meaning of the brush holder was, but in this case I really liked this solution. With a long work at the PC, you begin to feel the effect of the pad – the brushes are less tired. Perhaps this is due to the fact that it is soft and slightly takes the shape of a hand that rests on it, since before that I tried only hard options. Definitely a big plus for the manufacturer for such a thoughtful and pleasant bonus to the keyboard.

XPG Summoner is compatible with XPG Prime. You will need it if you want to set up some custom lighting or macros. But otherwise, you can do without it calmly. The keyboard, fortunately, supports changing backlight profiles without additional software.

The function keys also have buttons for controlling media functions on the PC. They are activated by pressing “FN”.

A nice addition is the USB pass-through. It is connected with a separate cable to the PC, the keyboard works without it. The cable is reliable and in a thick braid – it will not fray, it is combined with the power cord. Plus you can put red keycaps on “WASD” and other keys. There are nine of them in the set.

We really liked the XPG keyboard. This is a simple and very high quality device. Expensive materials, well-thought-out ergonomics, the most basic functions are in place, a good solution with a brush stand and additional USB, no need for extra software. The ability to choose the option with the switches you need is an important point, since not all users will like loud clicks. Summoner has a very competitive price of 12,990 rubles and goes on a par with top-end devices from other brands, such as ASUS or Varmilo. We definitely recommend paying attention to it.

Author: Alexey Sarafanov (ASarafanov)

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