Xenoblade Chronicles 2

A return to the past
On the one hand, it may seem like an inexplicable choice: Xenoblade Chronicles had already had a self-conclusive final, and all in all, really successful, while X did not have a true conclusion; On the other hand, choice is easy to understand once you consider the d
ifferences in success and reception that the two titles have. The chapter on Wii U actually split the brand’s fanbase in two, mainly due to the abundant differences with the first video game of the series.
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 will thus guarantee the return to the past that many fans wanted, and Monolith will probably give us a
game much more similar to the first chapter than X was not. We do not think that the trailer ends with a very close-to-screen image and the initial screen of the first title, with the protagonist who holds what appears to be a new version of the Monade, the symbol weapon of the series.
Xenoblade Chronicles 2
Expectations and forecasts
But what can we expect from this game? Unfortunately our news is limited: Nintendo has not yet talked about the game and simply showed it to the trailer, but we can still analyze it and make our predictions on what we will see inside the finished product. Surely
the game will return to a lot more focus on history than on exploratory and online mechanics; even the style setting style and characters will recall that of the original chapter, abandoning the most futuristic chapters of the chapter for Wii U. The plot was Chronicles’ strength and at the same time Achille’s X-heel; the trailer has been careful to show the key scenes of what the new tale wil
l be, special attention index that will be reserved for this. It is also plausible to think that some aspects of X will be taken, including improvements to the combat system.
Also on the Chronicles 2 exploration factor will surely add some more variables, because if there were Mechs on X, featuring very important functions for both battles and exploration, Chronicles 2 will have the chance to ride animals: in the trailer c
omes showed one of the characters ride what seems to be a white lion while exploring a forest, but we do not know if it will be the only animal available or if there will be others depending on the game areas. The soundtrack will also boost the atmosp
here of the first chapter, with the announced announcement of the return of several composers who signed the original work. From the information we got from the trailer, there does not seem to be a chance to create your own avatar, wh
ich could possibly remain the X-series; As a result, it remains to be seen if an online mode will be present or if it will be abandoned for a more engaging experience entirely voted for the single player.