Xenoblade Chronicles 2, the preview before the review

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a direct follow-up, but as in other series, a new story created within a universe with so many shared elements. There remain the figures of the Titans w


ho, sailing in the sea of ​​clouds that pervade the world, make it possible for the lives of the various populations, on their backs or even inside them, but their stories are completely different.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2, the preview before the review

Drivers and Blades

The world of gambling through this stratagem thus becomes a set of totally different races and settings, hosting a pulsating, rich and evolving world structure. This will be seen through the eyes of Rex, protagonist of the story. He has the power of the driver or ductor (in the Italian version), that is to be able to exploit blades or gladius, which are nothing more than real (weapon-shaped) representations of a power enclosed in particular crystals.
From now on we will be accompanied by Pyra , Aegis or Blade Blade; she has the power to turn into Mythra , but beyond the practical repercussions in gameplay, and in any case only parts of them, we do not know how nor why.
Of course we are not the only ductor of the game, but we will share this power with other co-stars. Everyone can tie a good number of blades, but can only equip them with 3 during the fight (except Rex that with Pyra’s transformation is as if it had 4). The blades in turn can be unique, or created procedurally from the game. The first are designed by great industry artists, while the latter follow a fairly repetitive graph, but it is virtually impossible to find two equal in terms of statistics. They are associated with a weapon, a role, but above all an element, which will then define those of the protagonist at that time. The combination of the roles of the different blades, in particular, defines the character class: choosing a defender and a healer will probably get a paladin and so on. Among our party, however, we will find Tora, a Nopon who does not have the power of the driver, and who has built himself Poppi, who will have the same role as blades for others, but being robotic, has a very special development system , completely different from others.

Everything makes sense

Unused blades will not remain in the menu, but they can be used in the mercenary group to perform activities that improve the level, the sta
tistical values, and the affinity. Before starting off, it is necessary to have a number of blades with characteristics that are compatible with the required ones, as well as a number of them as sufficient.
This is of course only one of the possible activities within the world of Xenoblade Chronicles 2, which literally pulls out secondary missi
ons and much more. Consider being active in the city context, including the attention of merchants and the fate of their stores, allows the city to proliferate and improve both the availability of objects and probably the availability of quests to be played.
Exploration, therefore, encouraged by the potential of the game world, is further accentuated by the role of the sea of ​​clouds stretching between the Titans. In addition to being an inexhaustible pool of waste to recover (which is also the main work of the pr
otagonist), through the tides it makes accessible different zones depending on the hours of day and night, also present at gameplay level in the adventure. Lastly, with regard to exploration, there will always be puzzle-platforming sections that will test t
he jumping and intuition skills, and sections at the “metroidvania” where you can access dungeons and rewards only after getting a blade with that special skill combination.
Xenoblade Chronicles 2, the preview before the review
Technically, the game performs in a technical detail not particularly accentuated, but surely balanced by a highly precise artistic direction, largely appreciable, and by an immense game scale, both in greatness and wealth.
The game, for the mos
t fanatical of numbers, runs at 720p in both portable and docked versions, but we expect the review site to be more in-depth about the quality in
both setup.
The music is absolutely incredible, and for the little we have heard, we can only rejoice in finding the hand that in the past wrote the indelible melodies of Xenogears .