XCOM 2: War of the Chosen

When you create a War of the Chosen of Firaxis developers have taken into account all that players complained  XCOM 2 :

  • Few events in the global map? Please, now many.
  • Enemies quickly become predictable? Then here’s the enemy super-soldiers, ready at the time of erase XCOM powder.
  • Not enough types of jobs? Have done more!
  • Infuriates the timer? No question – it is now possible to act, so that he ceases to be thwarted.

In short, trimmed all the key schools of the original.

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But one of the most important things additions – those Selected. These are three very powerful enemy, which for the capture of the commander of XCOM laid award – power over the earth. Of course, no one wants to share, and so each of them separately included in the race for the possession of the whole planet.

For XCOM as the race turns into a monstrous headache – Favorites use different control methods, none of which, of course, does not imply a fair battle: sabotage, sabotage, destruction point of your best agents – be prepared for a dirty game.

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And remember, Selected – it’s not stupid opponents bosses, in addition Alien Hunters. They are the real personality with its own characteristics, with his demeanor. And yet, unlike its “colleagues”, they do not burn a passionate desire to break the rules of the game, making the top ten moves from one of yours. But they will always comment on your actions, talk about how bad your soldiers trained, and offer to surrender all the staff after each miss.

The developers have done a titanic work and recorded for Selected as replicas that I aliens in their threats are not repeated even once in all the passage.

If we get to the matter of fact, it turns out that the elected – it improved fighters XCOM: ranger, sniper and psionic. Fortunately, with each other, they are at odds, so the fight will have a maximum of one at a time Favorites. Otherwise, we did not have a chance.

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Selected randomly appear on missions, forcing players to fly to review tactics. And, of course, each has its own strategy Favorites and its peculiarities. The killer is worn on the map, waving his sword and cut down your fighters pinpoint strikes.

Hunter is sitting somewhere in the corner of the card, vytselivaya your soldiers. Warlock also prefers to stay in the middle distance, and issues from it much more than that from Killer and Hunter combined – mostly because he psionic. Once because of his skills, I had to sit on a mission over sixty strokes.

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And most importantly – you’ll never guess if you come on a mission-elect. Private raid on materials at any moment can turn into a walk through hell because of the invading Favorites. The most fun is that they appear on the missions immediately, but after a couple of moves, when you are relaxed and not expecting a dirty trick.

Of course, over time, to such tricks, you’re ready to advance in every battle, but the first game of nerves you still pat.

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And if you do a little fact that you shitting on Selected jobs, please – they are shitting on the global map. And in every one – that will cut the income from any region, it will climb to the “Avenger” and attempt to commit sabotage, then do try to drop your vehicle and begin a ground operation to capture flying Staff XCOM.

Fortunately, all these tricks Selected trained gradually. To start sabotaging your communication, it is first necessary to obtain the necessary information, and at the same time to raise his level.

The more they know, and the higher the level, the higher the chance that your “Avenger” a sudden collapse in the middle of the Sahara desert. Well, out of the refrigerator or tomatoes suddenly disappear – there can be as lucky.

But something from their predecessors of the Alien Hunters Favorites adopted. For example, a bunch of amusing stuff that remains after the final victory over one of the villains.

And if the warlock weapon nothing interesting in itself does not represent, here’s sniper rifle and a shotgun Hunter with a katana The killers claim the title of “pumped” weapons in the game. Well at least they exist in a single copy!

The only thing that overshadows all this splendor – negligent performance of the final stage of confrontation with the elected. The decisive battle with each of them takes place in the same scenery and the same conditions, and after defeating all three of you are not that movie – even cut-scenes will not see. Honestly, Firaxis, could be better.