Wrong version of Snyder: Flash from DC movies crossed with Flash from CW series

As part of a global serial event Crisis on infinite earths (“Infinite Lands Crisis“) TV channel Cw set off in all serious ways, organizing a mad cabbage of heroes DC. The guest characters from the TV showsBatman“(which with Adam West), “Smallville Secrets“,”Lucifer“,”Doom Patrol“,”Swamp creature“,”Titans“, and Superman from the movie “Superman Returns“(played by his actor Brandon Routh also plays atom in projects from Cw) and old Bruce Wayne performed by Kevin Conroy (aka “Batman’s voice”).

There was a place and Flash performed by Ezra Millerthat appeared in the films “Batman vs Superman“,”Justice league“and”Suicide Squad“. In the story of Crisis on Infinite Earths, every version of planet Earth in the Multiverse was destroyed Anti-monitor. Flash from the series CW (aka Arrowverse) performed by Grant Gastin runs in a stream of speedforce and stumbles upon someone’s memory of Flash from the DC Universe.

Note that earlier insiders reported the desire of management Warner bros organize a “soft reboot” of the DC movie universe, getting rid of the burden of heritage Zach Snyder. At the same time, the solo film about Flash is still in production hell, which is due to the workload of Ezra Miller and his conflicts with directors and scriptwriters.

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