WRC 7, is back on track

Ready for competition
As it was possible to expect a game with an official license, this year’s chapter also includes the WRC, WRC 2 and Junior WRC championships, the thirteen rallies and the fifty-two special races scheduled, all faithfully reproduced. In addition, thanks to the new regulation, you can board the most powerful and cheerless cars, choose between the big car manufacturers and face the real riders.
 Naturally, it is best to manage car repair times, which are tapered when the difficulty increases, and try to meet certain requirements beyond the desirable win of each race. In this regard, also expect the goals that will be set by the team for which you signed the contract, how to avoid damaging the car,
In WRC 7, you will have the classic career mode, the heart of the entire package, the multiplayer and the weekly challenges to record the best time.
The multiplayer gives you the opportunity to play online classically or locally by selecting the splitscreen or the hot seat, which means up to eight players who turn their race in turn.
As we said, it is the career of the game, which, if faced with high levels, can offer a good degree of challenge, although it does not present great insights to fully engage the enthusiasts and give them a lifelong experience as a rider: yes it will have to do its duty and nothing more, with some social messages to incenate your businesses. However, the “Epic Stages” are great, with competitions that can be over a quarter of an hour and therefore oblige you to always keep your attention high.
How to deal with it really depends on you and your inclinations: At the beginning of WRC 7 you will be asked if you prefer a more arcade or simulation approach with the scalable driving system that suits each one’s needs. 
From this point of view there is a good step forward with respect to the previous chapter, and some of the problems that have made the enthusiasts have been partially resolved. We say in part because in reality, the problems are still many and they are all quite obvious, both for the driving model, as well as for physics and graphics, still behind other titles that are definitely more fit.
WRC 7, is back on track with the official rally review
Gravel, mud, snow and four wheels
The tracks have been completely revised and certainly offer a more realistic rendition, with the road surface that has become much more infidel and unpredictable. However, even though you no longer have the sensation to trace a track, the collision system and the physical engine are still far from being satisfactory. During the races you might run into some nasty surprise, especially if you happen to get out of the way where the game is unable to give you a feeling that adheres to reality.
 You might just have to bump into a bush that you should break, but instead it is firmer than a wall, climb on a ramp on a racing track by damaging much more seriously than expected or having the ” daring to move at medium speed on a rock and witness the imaginative behaviors of the vehicle. It’s not a problem that comes with insistence, be it clear, but can compromise a race in a moment and without you really blame it.
The driving model has had finishes that finally improve the most complex weaknesses of the series, and it is appreciable that developers have managed not to stay in that limbo between arcade and simulation that in the end did not really satisfy anyone.