War in Russia and Europe: World War 3 developers showed updated maps

Publisher My.Games and studio The farm 51 held a stream on September 29, during which the developers told in detail how the shooter has changed World war 3… A new trailer dedicated to multiplayer maps was also presented.

Source: thefarm51.com

September 30th starts alpha test of World War 3, in which players will have access to four redesigned maps (“Berlin”, “Moscow”, “Polar” and “Berlin”) and two modes (“Team battle” and “Tactical operations”). Veteran players who bought an early version of the shooter will be able to try out the changes.

Source: thefarm51.com

Game released in Steam early access back in the fall of 2018, but sales were suspended in August 2020. With the support of new investors, it was decided to redesign the project, which is now distributed according to the F2P model.

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