World of Warships

Over the years, Wargaming has become one of the most important companies in the PCvideogame industry thanks, mainly, to the launch of World of Tanks , a game that made the almost forgotten World War II in video games, due to a saturation of games set in this time in the history of mankind with the departure of Call of Duty, Medal of Honor,


Day of Defeat, Commandos and many others a few years ago. After the revolution that supposed, especially in the PC market, World of Tanks, adding millions of players from all over the world and attracting audiences from such unique games as


Hearts of Iron orBattleground Europe (WWII Online) , it was the turn to take out the second of the three games that the company had prepared, World of Warplanes, which on that occasion changed the powerful battle tanks for agile warplanes.

Finally, a few weeks ago and after quite some time in beta, Wargaming released the final version of World of Warships, the third, and in principle, war game set primarily in World War II with its corresponding Free to Play system, similar to that of


rest of games. Precisely, in this system are the main problems of the three games that, on the other hand, are very fun to play at the same time addictive, hooking from minute one to the player, something that also happens with this delivery.

World of Warships (PC) screenshot

To put in situation those who have not known another title of this saga we will explain in a summarized way that there are several available


armies, each one with several different types of ships and with its own branch of progression to unlock new pieces to increase the technology of each model until, finally, evolve it to a superior model.


The problem with all this is that the amount of points needed to unlock these improvements is too high. Yes, any player can access the most powerful


boats without investing money, but the disbursement of time or games played is too demanding, causing many players have to acquire a Premium account or some kind of bonus with which, even so, they will need a lot of dedication to be able to access the highest levels.

And this is one of the few drawbacks of a title that, at a playable level, will give us a lot to the players, especially if we are lovers of the war vehicles and the time in question. Unlike handling with tanks or planes, this delivery will propose much more strategic


confrontations, closer to those of the first game, perhaps, but in which we will have to be more far-sighted, anticipating our movements as well as those of the enemies because, as is evident, warships, especially the most powerful ones, that allow us


to eliminate our enemies with a powerful cannon salvo, far superior to what we have seen in previous deliveries. The problem is that if we do not calculate our movements very well, We can run aground or remain in a


compromised position before the enemy, with little possibility of reaction and almost ready for certain death. This will make us, at all times, aware of everything that happens around us, with a constant tension that makes us jump right into the war that World of Warships proposes to us and that gives us, in exchange, a great sense of satisfaction every time we sink an enemy ship or win a game.

World of Warships (PC) screenshot

Particularly, we have liked the combats in which we have controlled the aircraft carriers, a more relaxed and relaxed experience than that of the clashes in the


open sea with other types of ships, focusing more on being a “general” giving support to our comrades sending airplanes to intercept enemy fighters, to explore the terrain or to bombard the most powerful ships of the rival army to rise with the victory in the different maps.

At a technical level, the game meets more than enough, with good effects both lighting and water, in addition to impressive realism and


attention to detail in the more than 90 boats available in the game. Players with less powerful computers will also have at their disposal enough graphic


options to reduce the most demanding details with PCs and adapt the graphics to an optimal experience for their teams.