World of Warcraft players will receive more anima in raids and “keys” – Igromania

Addition World of Warcraft: Shadowlands presented players with a daunting task: to win the Covenant’s favor and restore its base. And the lack of anima makes both tasks extremely difficult.

As the representative announced Blizzard, the company has already begun to take the first steps to alleviate our afterlife. After the weekly reload on February 10, the amount of anima rewards in raids and key dungeons will increase.

Players will now receive two Anima tokens for completing an epic dungeon with keys above +7. Their denomination is not named, but if we mean all the same items for 35 anima, then for the trip you can get 70 anima. At the same time, in dungeons with keys above +10, one more item will be added, so the trophy will be 105 anima.

In Castle Nafriya, three anima tokens will drop from each of the first eight bosses. And the Generals of the Stone Legion and Ser Denatrius will grant us five tokens. So for each complete playthrough, you can get 1190 anima.

Thus, in four full playthroughs of Castle Nafriya, you can accumulate anima to unlock all four structures of the covenant. But this task still remains difficult for those who upgrade non-raid altos. The rewards for adventures and world quests have not yet been announced.

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