World of Tanks developer Vyacheslav Makarov leaves Wargaming to focus on creating a political party

Last week, one of the creators World of Tanks Vyacheslav Makarov He announced plans to form his own political party in Russia and to participate in the regional elections of 2023 and then in the parliamentary elections of 2023. Looking at the reaction that followed, the developer decided to leave the company Wargamingto fully focus on political activities. He wrote about this today on his page in Facebook.

According to Makarov, people are already turning to him with sane offers to help..

“The recent news about my intention to create a Direct Democracy Party in Russia caused more resonance than I expected. In the media and social networks on Saturday I counted more than 500 publications. Which was pleasant, but even more unexpected – quite a few people came up with sensible offers to help. Great responsibility comes with great strength, and, apparently, it is more than I initially imagined. Having carefully weighed everything, I realized that it would be difficult for me to combine activity in Wargaming company with active participation in the life of the party. some time to concentrate on the work to create the party and its development. Today I met with the leadership and said that I intend to leave the company, my decision was made. “

Makarov, who has worked at Wargaming for a decade, also urged World of Tanks fans not to worry.

“With Tanks everything will be fine, there is a great team, don’t worry,” he added.

It was previously reported that, as expected, the organizing committee “Direct democracy parties“besides him will include the director of the Eurasian Communications Center Alexey Pilko, deputy head of the legal service “Yandex moneyBoris ChigidinCEO Unwired Devices Oleg Artamonov and former producer “Live Journal“, co-owner of the company GR-Consulting S.r.l (San Marino) Timofey Shevyakov.

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