Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus.

At E3 2017 Bethesda announced a new part of Wolfenstein and showed the demo, in which BJ Blaskowitz comes to life on board a submarine after the events of the first game. Then Blasco was a bit unable to show itself in all its glory: wheelchair hurt to move up the stairs and held in each hand machine. However, recently we have been able to try out the latest demo of the new gameplay, and we are anxious to share their impressions.

And you have to learn German?

In Roswell at each corner hangs announcement of the most dangerous wanted criminal in the world. It is not surprising that every ubersoldat sees in the fire something painfully familiar.
Mission that we were given, starting at a nuclear submarine from the first part – in The New Colossus, she plays the role of the central headquarters of the resistance. After the briefing, we throw in Roswell ,
New Mexico, with the premise for the Wehrmacht High Command – a portable nuclear bomb. BJ, affectionately nicknamed by the Germans Terror Billy, to meet with the “contact” in the city, while remaining under cover.
Remember the mission in the “New Order”, where Blasco is on the train in a compartment to Ana?
Roswell episode begins the same, only now we decorated in honor of the victory in the streets of the city, and the hands of us a tray of coffee and disguised weapons fire extinguisher. On the way to the meeting place we plunge headlong into a world where the Germans invaded the United States.
Everywhere hung flags with swastikas, behind the fence runs the largest in the history of the city of a military parade, and overhead fly fighter jets, leaving a trail of cherished Reich colors: red, black and white.
It is not clear whether the game has such moments when you can wander through the city and listen to conversations about the pressing local problems or to study showcases, but one thing is certain: the developers of Machine Games is not in vain invested a bunch of time and effort in the elaboration of the world. The level is so detailed, that portion that can be run for ten seconds, fifteen minutes passed: do not want to miss a single detail!

“They are brutal creatures, Karl”

It seems that the most favorite transport of the Germans – a one-wheeled motorcycle.
To establish contact with an ally in Roswell, we go to the loading station for freight trains – our transport to the bunker with oberkommando.
Here we first give the okay to shoot, and, damn it, how did we miss this! Grad shots of paired maschinenpistole (-submachine guns) alternates with the instantly withering rays lasergewehr (heavy laser gun), exploding shells dieselkraftwerk (literally: diesel power) that replaced the laser cutter, and destroy everything in its path fraction schockhammer (shotgun). Unique magic Wolfenstein:
The New Order developers carefully moved to a new part, do not forget to sprinkle innovations.
Blaskowitz still not fully recovered from a five-month blackout: health points it is still twice smaller than normal: about fifty. However, thanks to the exoskeleton, in which BJ flaunts during the mission, armor, on the contrary, twice. The benefit she falls from every dead German, a dog or a bot.
First, you can now simultaneously hold two weapons: nothing prevents to put in a couple of semi-automatic rifle, for example, sub-machine gun or shotgun. It would seem absurd combinations, but in fact from them much more benefit: no need to waste time switching to more efficient weapons, and ammunition spent longer than when using double PP.
Another small change: armor, ammo and health packs are now selected automatically if you walk on them.
Secondly, there were kits improve weapon, with which you can put up to three skirts on one trunk.
A definite plus, because in the “New Order” upgrades for each weapon had to look separately. Now, from the very beginning of the game you can choose the enhancements that you need.
At the same time the development of the B-Jay has not undergone dramatic changes: if you want to improve any particular parameter, it is necessary to perform some special action. For example, to increase the number of wearable with ammunition, you should shoot in Macedonian.
Stealth in Wolfenstein – not about the silent slip past enemies and avoiding collision, but the secretive murder of the Nazis at a time.
In the camp of the opponents of change, too. If a simple dummy and dogs only changed the appearance and weapons, then the super-soldiers an opportunity to almost instantly reduce the distance using jetpack.
The latter, incidentally, at the same time weak point biomechanical robot: detonates after a few hits. Of the new enemies we saw androids – moving, but flimsy – and the demo version of the battle ended with a giant martial fur.
For the second time Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus manages to surprise us with something new, and to please the old, what we love New Order: atmosphere, gameplay, and this time also with humor. Again, we, like six weeks ago, look forward to the news and, most importantly, on October 27, when “The New Colossus” will be released on all current platforms.