Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus

 But the same pattern was always repeated: the feeling that Bethesda and the Machine Games team were reserving the best of the game, which kept them away from the trailers and the press contacts. And indeed, it is.


Even in our recent video of the first chapters we could not foresee what would come next, surprising for good. Narratively, with some of the most absurdly crazy and irreverent scenes that you can get in your face. Do not be surprised if in the coming days the ne


twork is filled with memes with some of its most bizarre moments, now that I can use this meaning, and even controversial. Try to avoid them; it is better to stay totally stunned, with a smile halfway between surprise and perplexity at the absurd and hilarious. But the just is fair: it is also possible that the revulsion, which exceeds the suspension of disbelief before a script that juggles between morbid cruelty and comedy.


It also picks up on the playable. Nothing that goes beyond the established norm of how much fun it is to shoot a shotgun or a disintegrator beam, let alone two. However, Wolfenstein 2 is reaffirmed by introducing some other mechanics that will promote replay and try to make the most of the levels by adding secondary missions to continue cleaning the United States of America from the Nazis. But let’s not get ahead.


Terror Billy for enemies

The New Colossus begins where Wolfenstein left it : The New Order , transferring the conflict to America , place chosen by our group to begin the revolution. Make no mistake. Wolfenstein’s ukraine looks more like a Cronenberg movie than Phillip K. Dick’s Castle Man. Here the Nazis are very Nazis (and a lot of Nazis). They have no problem leaving downtown Manhattan to the nuclear state of a Fallout and converting cultural traditions into their own.


Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus

Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus Analysis

The history of Blazkowicz will not leave you indifferent, and there are times when saying that the hero has a bad time is short.

The revolution, the characters that will accompany us throughout the adventure, is not prepared, organized or formal. They are Tarantinian characters, with their mouth full of insults, homemade alcohol and stories as ridiculous as they are funny. Almost as if Machine Games were trying to move away (even more) from the slight seriousness of the first Wolfen


stein to accept once and for all that he is the funny and the morbid of the group. The group: the shooters. Thus, with that paradox, that of being obsessed with telling a funny and discomfited story, is like Machine Games: cannon, hammer, hammer, soul, what was the Starbreeze Studios of Riddick and The Darkness, teaches others how to do cinematic in a shooting game.


His script juggles morbid cruelty and comedy

If we give so much importance to the story and the video sequences, it is because he has it. Not only for the numbers, which indicate more tha

n three hours of film. Whenever I have been able to meet with a member of Machine Games it stands out perhaps because the interviewer gives too much importance only to his part of the shooter. It is logical. The New Order perfectly mastered the pleasure
of shooting as we had almost forgotten in an offline game, but still wobbled between cinematic picture-in-picture and pointless dialogues. Now, the story of BJ Blazkowicz is that of a man who feels old and needs to renew himself. Like the Wolfenstein saga itself. And, never forgetting the macabre and the comic, he gets it.


Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus PC

An ax and a Nazi give a lot of play

And a machine gun. And a shotgun. And a gatling. And a disintegrating ray that turns them into Nazi ash. The arsenal of Wolfenstein II is short, probably because he knows that the player loves the shotgun too much in the short distances and the machine guns in the stockings. But short after all. Could you have asked for more? Of course. Mind you, Wolfe

nstein is not Doom. You do not have sands where mobility and distance are always key. Here continues to import more coverage. Agility, yes, but also knowing when to hide again and look for medical kits and armor to return to the fight. Only breaks the rhyth
m some moments where, either to lengthen the impossible or not balance the balance well, the stage is filled with enemies that appear almost from nothing in an excessive exercise and something repetitive, which fortunately are the least. It can also be cut by some poorly chosen control points that rely too much on manual saving and, if you do not have the F5 at hand, you can forget them on more than one occasion.


Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus PC

The skill system works automatically favoring our style of play.

If you want to move without haste, you always have the alternative of the low profile with the gun where you can make a few casualties before starting the fray or even finish with the commanders so they do not give the alarm. Or heavy weapons to make all possible nois


e sacrificing speed and coverage. As it usually happens, the greatest fun (and this is said by an unconditional fan of stealth) is in the middle. You are not Corvo Attano; eliminate a few Nazis silently if you want, but enjoy the contest and the possibilities offered by their scenarios. You’re not Doomguy either, so learn when to throw that giant heavy laser and run away from the open spaces that leave you sold.


Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus