Wolfenstein 2

How was The New Colossus born in the minds of developers? Did he have an idea already during the development of The New Order?
Ever since we started working for Wolfenstein , our goal was to end up in America. The cultural revolution of the 1960s, a founding element of Western culture of that period echoing today, has had its greatest impact in the United States.
We wanted to investigate an America where that type of cultural expression had been subverted by Nazism. We also knew that such a scenario needed a separate game. So as soon as Wolfenstein: The New Order became a success and we had the chance to get our work on track, the road was already marked.
What were your sources of inspiration for the Nazi context shown in the game? Have you had to pay attention to some particularly delicate aspect?
We are a team of creative people with interest in literary, cinematic, musical, and so on. partly convergent, in part no and we are inspired by a great variety of works of art.
One of our main sources of inspiration when we started working on The New Order was the Bastardi without Glory movie , whose tone was very similar to what we were punishing. We wanted to create an emotionally rich experience that did not rely solely on action, but was able to move easily from horror to comedy, exploring with real depths real human conflicts.

Have you done any research to be able to rely on real historical facts to give a likelihood of gambling, even if it’s a zombie?
We always do research, considering history as a launch pad. In this way, even though it comes to a disturbing world and very different from the real one, as a whole it turns out to be credible. And this is true for many team departments (design of costumes, structures, weapons, etc.).
How did you get to humor, the absurd atmosphere that characterizes the game?
The humor that the game exudes inspires Wolfenstein’s 3D and is perfect for stories we like to write. We never try to stem the lap of history, leaving them full freedom to ride on fertile humorous terrain or to fall into very dark places. In this way, even if the setting is fantastic, we better reflect the reality. Real life has no problem admitting the existence of a comic, tragic or comical and tragic situation at the same time.
BJ is somehow inspired to some Bastardi character without glory or some other book or movie?
Our first concern is to be faithful to the Wolfenstein 3D character we know. That said, the narrative possibilities we have today allow us to present a character all round, much deeper.
A character that reminds him a lot is John McClane of Crystal Trap. He suddenly finds himself in a world ruled by the wicked, is covered with blood and barefoot on broken glasses. He just wants to celebrate Christmas with his wife, but someone has to do something, cabbage!

Wolfenstein 2, The New Colossus: Discovering the Fiction

What kind of hero is BJ, speaking altogether? What values ​​do you advocate?
BJ is a man who believes that everyone should be able to be themselves and be able to think and believe what they want. She loves much freedom, but like many of us, she can be full of prejudices. However, in the face of evidence, he is willing to correct.
For him, an action is worth more than a thousand words. You’re what you do, not what you say. But above all, it is a man who just wants to live a normal life and have someone near him who loves him and with whom to share life. However, if someone tries to impose hate or dogma on others, he is ready to counteract it with all his strength.