Windows 10 will improve the driver update system – review

Major update expected in 2023 Windows 10in which many changes are planned. One of them is to simplify the installation of drivers for devices. This feature is already appeared in the earlier version number 19536.

According to available data, a section for managing updates without using third-party software or device manager will appear in Windows Update. This will automate the process and simplify the setup. In addition to the driver files, all monthly non-security updates will also be shown there.

The company does not particularly disseminate about the details of the update, but only declares that they are working to ensure that users can see all driver updates in one place. Also, there is no officially announced release date yet, as the software giant is changing the release schedule for new builds of Windows 10.

The bottom line is that new features and changes that will be included in pre-builds will not get an exact release date. Instead, they are implemented in a major update of the “tens” as they become available. This should improve the quality of testing new products.