Will there be more Uncharted games after The Lost Legacy?

Naughty Dog are my favourite developers hands down. I love many others, Bioware for one over the years plus British duo Rocksteady and Rockstar. All of which are just outstanding at combining wonderful stories with top quality gameplay. But as someone who really loves the story side of gaming, Naughty Dog are best for my personal taste. So, as we get close to another game in a series I have really enjoyed, I’ve been wondering: will there be more Uncharted games after The Lost Legacy?

Like most people in this situation, Google was my friend. So far I’ve seen the Dogs being quite Naughty about giving a straight answer to that question too. There are a lot of “Maybe… Maybe not” type answers around. More on those in the article below, where I talk about why I think the answer should be, yes. While, at the same time, I can understand those who say it’s time to move on.

Plus, I’ll throw in some videos and facts from Uncharted The Lost Legacy to save you clicking around.

Spoiler warning: I’m going to be very delicate here and NOT spoil much but I will talk a little about Uncharted 4 and the nature of the ending. I’ll avoid specifics but you have been warned if you have not finished it yet.

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Greatness from small beginnings

For me personally I came to the Uncharted party late. I was very much a PS2 lover, but during my student years the PS3 released a little too expensive for me at the time.

Now, as one of those gamers who just loves great games, I was a big Xbox fan too. Fable was my game back then, Jade Empire too. So when the choice came to move on the cost and games lead me to the Xbox 360 and Bioware’s Mass Effect and the amazing Gears of War.

I’d not really paid attention to Uncharted at all until my beautiful partner (now my beautiful wife) bought me a PS3. Yes, this is how I knew she was 100% the lady for me!

I picked up Uncharted as one of the must play exclusive games along with Metal Gear Solid IV and Heavy Rain. I confess to not even playing it first either, but once I did I was hooked!

Getting addicted

From the moment I got into the story of Nate, Sully and Elena I was locked in to the end. No way was that disc coming out of my machine until I’d played the game through. The story and the platforming elements, with the added set pieces and feeling of uncertainty as you escaped falling from breath-taking heights.

All of it just wowed me. The setting the characters, everything was just right and I was instantly a fan.

more uncharted games image 2The shooting and action was great too, although it feels rather dated in the “cover shooter” bracket now. It was still fun then since it was the popular mechanic at the time (although I wouldn’t say the original aged well as a shooter!)

The moment I’d done the first game (and worked my way through the trophy list) I was out looking for the sequel, Among Thieves. A game that was even better than the original and possibly the best in the original trilogy. Although Drake’s Deception has some stunning elements and set-pieces, especially around the desert sequence.

It get’s better

Since then I’ve been all over the series and how it weaves its clever story telling with outstanding characters as people like Chloe come into the mix. Plus the voices actors throughout the series are amazing, coming to their best work in Uncharted 4 (my review).

I think all fans felt sad at the end of Uncharted 4 to see Nathan and Elena done with treasure hunting. It was inevitable he would hang up his shotgun one day though and it was done perfectly. But there was also hope for more, with Sully and Nate’s brother heading off together.

More on that later.

More than one man

While the obvious attraction to Uncharted is Nathan Drake. Most of which comes from the outstanding performance of Nolan North over the years. Plus, the fact he’s a modern day treasure hunter which is always a fantasy for kids growing up.

more uncharted games image 3He’s funny, always gets out of trouble and mostly gets away with the girl in the end too. But I’ve always felt the series had more to it than his character alone.

Personally, I think there are many characters that could continue the series and Chloe is a great place to start. It was surprising not to see her at all in A Thief’s End, so I’m very excited to see what’s in store for her and Nadine Ross in The Lost Legacy. Both are great characters, Nadine is underused in Uncharted 4 and Chloe has been amazing since her debut in Among Thieves.

Two perfect people to spin off from the final Nathan Drake chapter. Although after the quality that was delivered in the last game, there is a little pressure on it to be at the same level.

If you didn’t know about The Lost Legacy…

If you are not sure what you are getting with Uncharted The Lost Legacy, it’s quite the package. It seems the game was once DLC handled by a different Naughty Dog team. But it’s perhaps bigger than they intended now and more like a stand alone expansion.

That said you don’t need to have played Uncharted 4 or even require it to play. Although you must play it… Seriously it’s awesome.

The official details on the game are all about the adventure you will be taking on plus some awesome gameplay too:

Chloe Frazer, Must Enlist The Aid Of Renowned Mercenary Nadine Ross From Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End In Order To Recover A Fabled Ancient Indian Artefact And Keep It Out Of The Hands Of A Ruthless War Profiteer.

Together, They’ll Venture Deep Into The Mountains Of India In Search Of The Legendary Artefact. Along The Way, They’ll Learn To Work Together To Unearth The Mystery Of The Artefact, Fight Their Way Through Fierce Opposition, And Prevent The Region From Falling Into Chaos.

Generally speaking, it’s very much using the Uncharted 4 game as a base for an additional, standalone adventure although a lot of care and attention has gone into this. As we see in that videos, it looks very Uncharted 4 but with more than a few changes here and there to make it feel a little different to Nate’s last outing.

Sully and Sam are still out there too…

One of the best characters throughout the Uncharted games for me is Sully. His voice performance by Richard McGonagle and scripting, particularly last time out, was brilliantly done. His supporting role to Nate was always so well received and not always predictable either.

more uncharted games image 4

So when Sully and Nate’s brother Sam went off together on adventures I got a feeling of excitement. One I’d like to see Naughty Dog deliver on one day.

It hangs is a real poignant moment in the ending section of A Thief’s End where Nate and his brother disagree. I won’t spoil it but it’s a section that makes it clear Nathan is done with the life chasing treasure. But Sam is not.

It felt like a sort of passing the torch moment to me and was reflected later in the end sequence too. It’s certainly something that could carry on the series for me, and one I’d play as a fan too.

The future is unclear still

Naughty Dog themselves have said that is is “unlikely” in quotes from a Polygon interview. But at the same time said “never say never”. Also on a Eurogamer interview, Shaun Escayg said

I Wouldn’t Say It’s The End. This Thieving World Is Huge.

There’s So Many Characters. Even Before We Settled On This Particular Story We Were Exploring Sullivan, We Were Exploring Cutter, And Pairing Each Other Up, Thinking What Would Be Right, What Would Have Conflict, Growth, Something New, Something Fresh. And Chloe Was The One That Kept Jumping Out.

But To Say The Uncharted World Is Done… I Doubt That Highly.

Other rumors suggest a new studio may pick the franchise up

Final thoughts

We’ve seen them be ruthless with fans favourites before as I STILL hold out hope for Jak and Daxter to return. But nothing seems to be coming! This could be another that never happens that we all continue to hold out hope for.

But where Uncharted is different is in the wider appeal. It’s basically an action movie in a game and has millions of followers around the world. I find it hard to think they would let it go while there is more than enough options to make great games from.

Much may rely on the success of Unchanged The Lost Legacy. The spin off really world and the changes in gameplay gets positive reception and more could be on the cards. I certainly hope so and am very ready to get playing.

Let me know your thoughts below, is Unchanged a game good enough to continue without Drake? Or is it one to let go with Jak and Daxter and let them work on other things? Get in the comments and let me know.

Until next time gamers, game on.