Why has not yet emerged Star Citizen? 150 million dollars ambitions

Citizen star You are going – it’s incredibly ambitious kosmosimulyator, dreams which for five years now sells fans studio Cloud Imperium Games , led by Chris Roberts. In 2015, the game hit the Guinness Book of Records as the most successful project in the history of crowdfunding and recently playing budget has exceeded $ 155 million.
How is it that the game with a capital of Hollywood blockbuster (and appropriately cast) for so long was not finished and continues to collect money of philanthropists? We understand if we ever see a full release of Star Citizen destined.

The “golden” dream

About Star Citizen first began in October 2012. The project announced Chris Roberts, creator of the cult series kosmosimulyatorov Wing Commander . Roberts offered to players’ first person universe “, with huge ships, well developed galaxies dynamic economies plurality of fractions and UGC. In addition, “stellar citizens” have the right to give names to new-found worlds.
Chris Roberts, creator of Star Citizen, Wing Commander and Freelancer.
Gameplay prototype shown at the Game Developers Conference, and for the further development of the Roberts asked fans half a million dollars on “Kick” and two million on its website. If successful, Baker promised to pass in the alpha and beta of Star Citizen, a release – in November 2014 only on the PC.
It so happens that in just a month, “Kickstarter” brought two million dollars, and Chris Roberts site – more than four. Gamers are more than clearly proven interest in Star Citizen, and the assistance of large investors creators refused. Among other purposes, to which then reached the fans, was the development (vote list!):
  • shuternoy component;
  • three unique alien languages ;
  • hundreds of galaxies;
  • as well as the zoo of domestic pets , which can be taken on a flight.
«Javelin» for $ 3,000, the most expensive ship in the game. Really. Want to go – take the credit.

Cloud Imperium Games: freelancers and legionnaires

For Star Citizen Roberts founded the development studio Cloud Imperium Games is , and the first time it was formed of the best shots from all over the world who have had to work remotely. But the scope of the project grew rapidly and in 2013, the studio opened offices in Texas and California.
At the time, Roberts worked more and contractual studio: Behaviour , Illfonic and Moon Collider . Soon, with them having problems because of inefficient management.
It happened that one studio did not have time to finish the material time, and the rest just sat and waited. Pro release in 2014, no one thought.
With the studio Illfonic, hired to work on shuterny module, generally a separate sad story. When CIG tried to use their achievements to their locations, it turned out that the contract materials are not suitable in size. Because of this, the output of the module was postponed for a year, and has already altered its own CIG.
Shuterny Star Marine unit.
Choosing CryEngine 3 is also considerably slowed progress as the engine has not been adapted to the vast expanses of space (and dreams Chris Roberts). It was required to optimize, which meant extra money and resources. Fortunately for Roberts Spring 2014 Crytek is on the verge of bankruptcy, and conducted mass layoffs. Serious staff on CryEngine professionals migrated to the UK office CIG, opened in early 2014.
Development accelerated. In the summer of 2015, after the next wave of cuts in the German subsidiary of Crytek formed CIG. So Chris Roberts Company appeared everything you need to work on their own engine. CryEngine almost entirely rewrote the needs of the epic kosmosimulyatora. The engine is even transferred to 64-bit computing that fix problems with the screen jumping starships, and allowed the use of huge open spaces. Later players impressed procedural generation system planets be movable between the orbit and the planet and download without addition surface with incredible detail.

Star Citizen outstanding facial animation.

Mosaic of modules

The bottom line is that the single-piece Star Citizen is still there, there are only a lot of assemblies – each to fit your needs – even if they are available and of a common program.
The first playable build was released in the summer of 2013. It was a unit of the hangar, where players can explore and customize their ships. More large-scale module Arena Commander began testing in the summer of 2014. It was a game in the game: virtual simulation, where the pilots hone their combat skills, spreading enemy ships to pieces. Here you can participate in the race on a starship and explore the open world.
In 2015, the creators have released a mini-universe, became the first version of the game, which combines several modules. By the early components of the developers added the planet Crusader and ArcCorp, and a pair of space stations, have implemented research and combat mission, and along with the random events.
Dogfayt module Arena Commander.
Bar in the Zone-18 on the planet ArcCorp.
FPS-suffering part, Star Marine, introduced in late 2016 with the release of alpha 2.6. As dogfayt module, it was simulated in the game. Of the modes you can try out the classic deathmatch and analogue “superiority” of Call of Duty.
For greater realism in Star Marine uses three combat stance instead of the classic two. First, Lowered, – position with lowered weapons, which the player can run and jump, but when fired from such a situation it is difficult to hit the target. Second, Ready, – standard item in shooters, but here it does not allow to accelerate. Third, Aim Down Sights, – targeting regime with a slow pace.
Mark Hamill as “the Old Man», Squadron 42.
Squadron 42 – a separate story campaign, which can be played as one, and with friends on the network. The release date is not yet known. The assurances of Chris Roberts, we are waiting for a fascinating story to the twenty-eight chapters, about six dozen different missions, more than twenty hours of cutscenes, three hundred sixty-forty characters and spaceships. Zest Squadron 42 – his actors: Gary Oldman, Gillian Anderson, Mark Hamill, Mark Strong and other Hollywood stars. It is noteworthy that Mark Hamill was working with Chris over the cult Wing Commander and Squadron role in the 42 agreed immediately, without reading the script.

Impressive speech hero Geri Oldmana, which are shown in CitizenCon 2015.