Where is the game? Gamers demand Star Citizen developers to clarify the fate of Squadron 42, but in response only silence

Supported financially ambitious space simulator Star citizen players ask developers to shed light on the development status of an independent single-player campaign of a project called Squadron 42but do not get any response. Moderators of official forums Cloud imperium games silently delete threads with questions on the topic, causing bewilderment of fans.

“Cloud Imperium Games continues to remove topics with questions about the status of Squadron 42 on its internal forum. The studio also did not note the overcoming of the $ 300 million Star Citizen development line. They haven’t written a letter from the head, not even a post on the social network.” , – noted one of the disappointed backers at ResetEra.

The creators of Star Citizen call the Squadron 42 stand-alone solo campaign an “epic adventure” capable of outperform games like The last of us, God of war and Red dead redemption 2 in terms of staging, sophisticated characters and the ability to make gamers empathize with heroes. Chris Roberts said earlier that he aimed at “a new level of emotional involvement.”

Like Star Citizen itself, the Squadron 42 has become more and more ambitious every year and takes more time to produce. Initially, they promised to launch it a few years ago, but each year ended only with news about transfers.

In 2019, the studio announced that first users will receive the Squadron 42 beta, and this will happen in the third quarter of 2023.. Today, the third quarter has begun, but there is no news.

“The third quarter has begun, but silence continues. No statements on exact dates, no transfer reports. Nothing. Chris Roberts and his wife Sandy completely disappeared from public space. In 2023, he appeared in only one video, and then it was recorded in 2019

Sandy is Star Citizen’s vice president of marketing, but hasn’t appeared in public for 18 months and has not commented on the status of the development (previously it could be seen in commercials with weekly reports), ”the player noted.

At the end of December 2023, Cloud Imperium Games released another teaser Squadron 42 as a Christmas present to fans, and some important news was planned for May, but their gamers did not receive it.

“I, a longtime Star Citizen baker, are completely disgusted by the behavior of Cloud Imperium Games and the silence on their part,” the gamer summed up.

Squadron 42 beta information on the official website has not been updated since last year. It still says “third quarter 2023.”

To participate in Squadron 42, developers previously invited Hollywood stars, including Henry Cavill (“Man of Steel,” “Mission Impossible: Consequences,” “The Witcher”), Mark Hamill (“Star Wars”), Gary Oldman (The Dark Knight, The Fifth Element) Gillian anderson (“Secret materials”), Ben Mendelssohn (Star Wars: Rogue One, Captain Marvel) and Mark Strong (“Kingsman”, “Shazam!”). They showed clips with them several years ago.

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