What will happen to Arthas and when will we save Azeroth – Blizzard told us about World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

New Game Release

On November 11, Blizzard held a small press conference for Russian-speaking journalists on World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. WoW CTO Patrick Dawson and Senior Level Designer Sarah Verral told us about the features of the new expansion and the connection of the Dark Lands with the rest of the universe, as well as hinted at a possible change in Arthas’ image. All this is in the material Cybersport.ru.



Dawson said that the development team had been hatching the idea of ​​Dark Lands for several years. Verral added that the creation of Shadowlands was a difficult process, as Blizzard had to come up with a concept of a completely new and unfamiliar world for gamers almost from scratch.

Sarah Verral
Sarah Verral:

“Shadowlands is very different from other add-ons that have come out lately. It can only be partially compared with The Burning Crusade. We needed to create something unearthly, an afterlife. There were many questions before us. How should this world look like? What should be its style and color scheme? How will the locations of the Dark Lands be unique? We tried to answer all these questions at the start of work, and it took a lot of time. “

Naturally, there were some questions about the new extended character customization. Dawson confirmed that Blizzard continues to improve this feature and empower users to customize their heroes, but this will primarily apply to traditional races.

Patrick Dawson
Patrick Dawson:

“The character customization we have now is just the beginning. This is the first attempt to add more uniqueness and identity to all races in World of Warcraft. Allied races are relatively new, and we are not planning to add any more customization to them in the near future, but this may change in the future. We are currently focusing on traditional races. ”

Many users have long been interested in how the storyline with the sword of Sargeras, which the lord of the Burning Legion stuck into Azeroth, will develop. Apparently, in the new addition, players will not have to solve this problem.

Sarah Verral
Sarah Verral:

“Dark Lands will be a completely new experience for players. We do not want the heroes to constantly return from there to solve any problems in Azeroth and be distracted from the plot of Shadowlands. “

However, Sarah Verrall did not rule out that we will return to the problem of Azeroth’s wound.

Sarah Verral
Sarah Verral:

“You can draw a parallel: if someone sticks a knife in you, perhaps as soon as you get it, you will bleed out. Sometimes it’s better to leave everything in its place, at least for a while. We probably don’t have the “medicine” we need right now, but players have already done a lot to heal Azeroth, although the danger still exists. ”

As a longtime fan of World of Warcraft, it is sometimes sad to me to look at entire worlds, such as Outland or Draenor, which become almost abandoned and are used only for leveling alts. Therefore, I was interested to know if such a fate will befall the Dark Lands after the end of the addon. Dawson disagreed with me that the conditional Draenor was a “forgotten world.” The developer noted that now his locations are very popular for pumping to level 50. In addition, he added that Blizzard will continue to develop the idea with the introduction of new events for high-level players in the old locations.

Patrick Dawson
Patrick Dawson:

“As for Shadowlands, the locations of this add-on were supposed to be something unearthly, out of this world. Therefore, players will not have to return there often. However, we may use specific areas of the Shadowlands world in future events. Like now, when, as part of the prepatch events, we return players to Icecrown, and they again visit familiar places. “

The release of the cinematics from the Other Worlds series, dedicated to Bastion, in which Uther dumps Arthas’s soul into the womb, has caused sympathy and compassion among fans for one of the main antagonists of the entire Warcraft universe.

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