What to buy on Steam Winter Sale?

A great guide to fresh games you might have missed

Every Steam sale is a serious challenge for the gamer. To correctly replenish your library, you need not only to have enough money, but also to understand what to buy. And it can be harder than it seems: from the abundance of games, my eyes run wide and I just don’t want anything. Let’s do this: we will take on the most difficult part. From this list it will be easier to choose!

Hot New Year

First Person Shooters:

Truly Old School Shooter

Third Party Action:

Incredibly beautiful game, assembled from rough and unfinished mechanics

RPG / Action RPG:

Surprisingly secondary RPG with ambitions of the heiress of BioWare games


Explain how Capcom made an untouchable game


The triumphant return of the main historical strategy



Castlevania developer decided to show what the new part should be … Did it work?

Games 2016-2018

The cruel and unusually deep survival simulator from the authors of Dishonored 2, which broke the editorial brain

One of the most anticipated RPGs of the year that may disappoint you

Is it more fun to smear Lara Croft in the mud?