What time is it, Eric? Apex Legends fans laughed at the artist who released the skin with an error

Apex Legends fans noticed an error in the new skin for Octane, which appeared in the store after the start of the event “Party Night”. When developing the Clocktane image, the artist placed the watch dial on the character’s chest, but got confused in Roman numerals. Attentive fans noticed that the Roman numeral X (10) is missing on the skin.

The topic on reddit already started joking about a new bug in Apex Legends, when one of the artists of Respawn Entertainment joined the discussion under the nickname RSPN_Jeremy. He said that he knew “the culprit of this mistake”, and pointed to his colleague – 3D-artist Eric Simard, with whom he “sits at the next table” in the office.

Judging by the words of RSPN_Jeremy, the company reacted with humor to the wrong watch dial, although Simard had already prepared a fixed version of the skin. True, it may take 6-12 weeks to add it to the game. The artist clarified that the developers will not release a special micropatch for the skin and, most likely, will fix the error only in the next big update. According to a studio employee, an extra patch “can add more problems than good.”

The Clocktane Kit for the Octane character is available in the Apex Legends in-game store. It can be purchased for 1.8 thousand Apex Coins.

The event “The Party” is timed to coincide with the onset of a new decade. According to the developers, so they propose to meet the “roaring 20s.” You can find the schedule and system of rewards for the event here.

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