What Riot Games announced for the decade of League of Legends

We have collected all the “snacks” of the most positive day of this month.

Social impact fund

Project logo | Photo: Riot Games.

Project logo | Photo: Riot Games.

A new leap in the field of game charity: a platform in which players from all regions will choose where the funds will go from the sale of game images. Since 2010, the company in this area has performed the following actions:

– “Warwick – Sweet Urfik” in support of the salvation of living manatees.

– “Akali Nurse”, over $ 160,000 for charity.

– “Jaximus” – funds for the “Make a Wish” fund.

– “Ash Champion”, more than 2 million US dollars to three organizations selected by the player base.

“Cho’gat Dark Star, more than $ 6 million for cancer prevention.”

This year, Riot Games plans to release the image of the “Harbinger of Dawn Karma”, the proceeds of the sale of which will be 100% sent to a new fund.

Harbinger of Dawn Karma | Photo: Riot Games.

Harbinger of Dawn Karma | Photo: Riot Games.

League of Legends Released in North Africa and Saudi Arabia

During the broadcast, an employee of the company spoke about countries in which the game will soon appear in their native Arabic. Among them: Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

Screenshot of the holiday broadcast menu.

“Elements are gaining strength”

The first major addition in several years, which will critically change the design of the card and make it more dynamic. So, after the appearance of the third dragon during the match, the following will happen (depending on its type):

Fiery – the walls of the buff camps collapse, creating new moves, while the walls around the den itself completely collapse.

Marine – many new bushes appear on the map during the rain, and existing ones become larger.

Cloudy – creating air currents in the forest that accelerate nearby champions.

Mountainous – new rocks and narrow passages after the earthquake.

For killing dragons, the team also receives amplifications that have undergone changes. Instead of damaging the towers, the mountain dragon will increase armor and magic resistance, while the cloud dragon will reduce the reload of absolute skill.

After killing the fourth dragon, players take the soul of the elemental dragon, after which the ancient dragon appears. Strengths of the dragon soul act on this principle:

Distribution of dragon soul gains.

Another significant part of the update can be called alcoves at the edges and in the center of the map. According to the developers, this will help to hide and avoid death in some situations, but just imagine how conditional R Kiana will be played in such a cramped space.

Alcove on the bottom line | Photo: Riot Games.

More detailed text about update 9.23 (which will be released in November) can be examined. link.

New Hero – Senna

In the League of Legends universe, she is Lucian’s lover, which Tresh once entered into the kingdom of the dead. According to the plot of the trailer, it becomes clear that the liberated returned from the other world a little of the wrong Senna that Lucian had before:



The official trailer of the game.

UPD: We could not get past the heartbreaking Chinese trailer for LoL Mobile:



Review of Legends of Runeterra from finargot.

The game got such a big name even before it entered the open beta test. Now you can get registered, after which the site will advise you to check your mail and wait for the right to play this creation of Riot Games. On Twitch, streams have been going on all day, where the lucky ones try the taste and color of Legends of Runeterra (the name of the game was known for another year, it refers to the name of the territory where the cities and islands of the game’s universe are located). At its core, the game resembles all analogues, but has its own serious advantage: the lack of a Pay-to-win system. Cards (as well as the heroes of the PC version of LoL) you get during the game.

If you want to save time, buy cards for real money. No amplifiers, no special cards, no level advantages (C) Cohen.

Like its older brothers, LoR will be released on mobile devices without cutting out the gameplay component of the PC. Perhaps even faster than LoL and TFT. More details can be found in the material of our site.

Projects “A”, “L” and “F”

Rumors of a “rival CS: GO” appeared in the same way long before the celebration of the 10th anniversary of League of Legends. Title: Project A. Genre: “Stylish, competitive, character-based tactical PC shooter.” We get a mixture of both CS itself and Overwatch, where the process is also built on various characters. We will get more details about the game next year, but for now, please familiarize yourself with the gameplay in the video below (spoiler – there are no heroes from LoL there):



Projects conceived games Riot Games.

League of Legends Esports Manager

The most delicious is finally. A realistic analogue of any manager where players could manage, for example, a football team. The essence of this game is that you distribute the budget, deal with transfers and the strategy of your team, gradually leading it to the championship. In 2023, the masterpiece will be released and will cover only the LPL championship, but replenishment is also planned in the future. There are no large esports analogues LoL Esports Manager in the world, and Riot Games will become a kind of pioneers. By the way, part of the funds from this game will go to the expense of the organizations represented in the game.

P.S. At least somewhere ViCi Gaming may be the first.

Conclusion: why are you not a potential monopoly in the market?

Picture announcement of the upcoming project | Photo: Riot Games.

Picture announcement of the upcoming project | Photo: Riot Games.

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