“We’ll have to constantly reinstall the games”: Ori developer is saddened by the amount of SSD in PS5 and Xbox Series X

Developer Thomas Mahlerholding a leadership position in the team Moon studiosthat gave the world the game Ori and The Blind Forest and Ori and the Will of the Wisps, voiced his concerns about the capacity of SSD-drives in consoles Xbox Series X and Playstation 4.

Mahler is convinced that one terabyte (in fact, the numbers will be even lower) is critically small, especially considering the current games are so voluminous right now.

“Something we all have to put up with now is the maximum amount of data in 1 TB. Today it’s not enough, so get ready to permanently delete and download games again. At least until new versions of systems with more capacious SSDs. The last Call of Duty takes about 170 gigabytes – I very much doubt that at the same time it will be possible to keep more than 10-15 titles on consoles, “writes Thomas Mahler.

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