We visited Cuba and talked with partisans: The authors of Far Cry 6 talked about sources of inspiration

To create the most authentic setting, developers Far cry 6 of Ubisoft not only traveled to Cuba, which served as a prototype for the island of Yara, but also talked with former Cuban partisans. The head of development of history told about this in the Q & A session. Navid Hawari.

“We wanted to tell a story about the revolution, but it is impossible to get around the guerrilla war. If it comes to guerrilla war, then we must go to Cuba,” the developer said.

“I spent about a month with the team traveling around the island. We met a lot of amazing people, got acquainted with their music and culture, and also met with former partisans. And this really served as a starting point, because when creating Yaru, we not only they wanted to tell the story of the modern partisan revolution, but also to reveal the island deeper, which was practically frozen in time, like a living postcard from the 60s that players can feel, “said Navid Hawari.

Far Cry 6 release scheduled for release February 18, 2021 years for Playstation 5, Playstation 4, Xbox one, Xbox Series X and PC.

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