We speak with the producer 2 Wolfenstein: The New Colossus: «Even more madness!”

Displaying a large trailer Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus was one of the highlights of E3. There is nothing surprising: the first part was a real gift for fans of shooters and single good old ultranasiliya.
And developers, judging by what we have seen , only going to raise rates. We contacted Yerko Gustafsson (Jerk Gustafsson), executive producer of the game, to talk about the return of B-Dzheya Blaskovitsa, Nazis, drugs, and plans for the future studio (all these things, of course, are related).

The same trailer.

The port will be a woman, not napping

– Take the bull by the horns at once. According to a popular theory, The New Colossus head William (Bee-Jay) Blaskowitz waiting for change to a new body that is at least partially supported by the fact that we have seen in the trailer. It’s true?
Yerko : Sounds pretty safe, maybe even too much. While I can not say anything on that score. All will learn in the game!
– I’m really hoping for a different answer.
Yerko : Excuse me! ( Laughing )
– Very well! But you can at least confirm that there is a technology in the world, allowing to carry out such an operation?
Yerko : It is, yes, of course! We have, for example, a character – a favorite pet Blaskowitz …
– Yes, the same cat and a monkey out of the trailer.
Yerko : Yeah, the cat’s head on a monkey body. The cat was ill with cancer and had to replant her head on another body. So that such technologies exist.
Here Blaskowitz still forced to use the exoskeleton.
– perceive it as a “yes.” Then another question with podkovyrkoy how BJ survived the events at the end of the last game?
Yerko : He was there with one foot in the grave and gives the go-ahead fellow resistance, so that they cleared the whole territory with the help of an atomic bomb …
– That is so.
Yerko : But, of course, they first returned to him. And after a long treatment, about six months later, the start event The New Colossus. Blaskowitz to this point has not yet emerged from the coma, he is still in the hospital at the main base of the resistance – on the submarine.
– That is, in fact, no mystery or sci-fi stuff, just good old-fashioned heroism: “Let’s pull out a wounded comrade moments before the explosion.”
Yerko : ( laughs ) Yes! Exactly! Blaskowitz not so easy to kill. But it is, of course, thoroughly shabby.
– By the way, the “tumbled”. I appreciated the phallic symbolism on your screen during the first seconds of the action-packed scenes from the trailer. You know, with a machine gun in a wheelchair. Thanks for this!
Yerko : ( laughs like a child ) We are glad that you appreciated.

Holding the torch with zip inside

– Now about more serious things. The game raises a number of important issues unexpectedly; recalls, for example, that Nazism – not the great idea …
Yerko : ( laughs ) That’s right.
– Did you feel any special responsibility when dealing with such material?
Yerko : ( thinking ) Of course, we had to take into account that with which we work. And let us in the game a lot of almost absurd, let the game constantly juggles serious and funny things, we always very serious about the material.
At the same time, of course, we want to tell the story.
Therefore, some moments may make you irritated, somewhere you feel that we have gone too far … But we deliberately went at it to get to the exit the story, which, we believe, will actually work.
– By the way, do you have difficulties with the publication of the game in Germany?
Yerko : It is always a challenge. You know well, the Germans have certain laws prohibiting the display of Nazi symbols.
Therefore, we have to produce for Germany a special version of the game where these characters just yet. Yes, this is an additional complication – but we still want to release the game in Germany, so … what can you do.
Here the most important, at least to me, that in the end we can convey to the German players the exact same game. Just no symbolism; the rest is the same as Wolfenstein.

Mother expelled!

– In the first game the player had to make difficult choices. In which of the two possible universes events occur The New Colossus? 
In fact, whether the “canon” version of the story there? And will the new game mechanics similar?
Yerko : And we just both options are possible, and Fergus, and Wyatt.
– That is, in the beginning of the game you can choose who you saved last time. Or how it would work?
Yerko : Just the way you describe.
– Will there be new, additional, fork? Some new difficult choices?
Yerko : Again, I can not directly answer this question. You will soon find out. But a similar mechanic in the game will be, yes. And this time we have a little different approach to these forks. We would like to in different ways to change not only the history, but also the gameplay: in the New Order changes were, um, not very much.
– Many players and journalists, say, admired the “acid” part of the trailer with E3. This is an important part of the game? We really will be the gameplay?
Yerko : ( laughs ) Here, rather, we are talking about stories. We wanted to enhance the image of Wyatt, and he has some … issues. No, not so: he has experience in the use of substances. A piece of this experience and you saw in the trailer.
– I can see the headlines in all the newspapers. Executive producer Wolfenstein II: «In order to enhance the image of the character, we took drugs.”
Yerko : ( laughs )
– For clarity, I’ll specify. Here are all the plot points with Wyatt – this is just an example of the unique stories that can be seen in only one of the possible universes? In a world with Fergus of all this is not so?
Yerko : I will say this: History will be different. Therefore, we, in fact, they do. But the difference is not only in drugs.

Their bitter cry heeding

– What secrets? It has always been an important part of the Wolfenstein series of games. Will we finally something to spend found Nazi gold? In other words, if our findings will influence the gameplay?
Yerko : The New Colossus abysmal secrets, collectibles and everything. Some of them are more valuable than others, which is really affect the gameplay. There are those that do not affect the game in any way, – all sorts of arts, for example. The main thing is that the secret areas and items of interest will be considerably higher than in New Order.
– Part of a technical issue. We already know that the game will be a number of new features: the ability to take on the left and right hand a different weapon, by calling, and a hatchet (that, of course, the coolest innovation) …
Yerko : ( laughs )
– Is there still some innovations, which we should know about?
Yerko : For me personally, the main changes in two. First, the new system improvements. Secondly, it is now possible to fire with two hands from guns of various types, like you said. This is if we talk about weapons.
– How flexible will improve the system? Can I collect something completely ungodly medical benefits?
Yerko : Unfortunately, there are always certain limits. Now we have a whole entire … Although “only” is the wrong word, a combination of break through. In short, we have three improvements on the gun. And most importantly, all of these improvements, you can “turn on” and “off” at will; between some of them, you can freely switch directly into the game.
– That is, during a firefight?
Yerko : Exactly. And, you can put different types of improvements to the weapon in his right hand and the left. For example, you can ensure that one gun will further shoot missiles, and the other – grenades. And then to shoot them out at the same time.
– Damn it! It sounds very good.
Yerko: Yeah, not bad ( laughs ).

Homeless and tortured accept

– Who will be a little unexpected question, not much surprised. In your Wolfenstein so many things that are reminiscent of … Fallout: vertibirds, robosobaki even distinctive font door shelters. Should we expect an epic crossover?
Yerko : No, I … We talked about this … ( laughs ) We did not think about it. Probably many of intersection are explained simply by the fact that our game is focused on a similar time period in the sixties. And of course, the fact that we MachineGames very fond retrofantastiku. Basically, we wanted and that’s why the story with an alternative history to our game were robosobaki and all that.
So all this is just coincidence. Naturally, we will learn a lot, we have excellent relations with Bethesda, the developers of Fallout series. But we are aware of no parallel was not performed. As it has turned itself.
– You rushite my dreams …
Yerko : Excuse me! (laughing)
– The New Order was pretty bold game. You risked. But when she came out … and was a hit. The New Colossus – this child has bólshey freedom? Or, again we are talking about big money, you settled down a little bit?
Yerko : You know, we are pleased that the first project was so successful. And our publisher, Bethesda, in any frame we have not pounded. We’ve always had creative freedom. To really understand what it means in Bethesda.
And having seen the enthusiasm with which the player will meet New Order, we realized that we can go even further. Even more madness! Much more, in actual fact. We have every opportunity to make a really cool thing, and I think … I hope! .. that we will succeed.
– And what place The New Colossus takes your trilogy Wolfenstein? This is another story, and so you are laying the foundation for the third part?
Yerko : Whatever we do, we always try to think about the future. A good example – what happened to Frau Engel. We are introduced to the player with the character back in New Order, in the scene with the train. And in the new game it is – your main opponent. In the same vein, we will continue to work, so in The New Colossus, you will see a few examples. While I can not tell you about them. But it is true, during development, we tend to think in a fairly large scale, try to understand what it portends for the future – and it follows that all consistent with our global plan includes all three games.