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 WATCH DOGS 2 review

The game also introduces two different drones, one equipped with wheels but able to stand out leaps and a steering wheel, which emphasize on one hand the strategic aspect and push to better plan their intervention, perhaps preparing the ground thanks to the triggering of traps environmental that can reduce the enemy ranks before we enter the scene;


on the other hand they allow to carry out operations of various kinds without being physically in place, but by piloting these robots remotely and using perhaps advanced hacking skills to distract the guards as we pass. So many facets, which intertwine with each other in the name of freedom of action and find a further outlet in the online missions,


but which are now an integral part of the package; also in terms of downloadable content, such as Human Conditions, the DLC which includes three interesting single player missions, a new type of enemy with jammer and a series of rather challenging online challenges , the so-called elite missions.

Human Conditions offers a package of new, interesting missions for Watch Dogs 2

WATCH DOGS 2 gameplay


Among the protagonists of the first Watch Dogs , Jordi Chin is a “fixer”, that is to say a new Mister Wolf: skilled in both close combat and distance combat, he is the kind of professional figure that is usually called to “fix” potentially explosive situations in exchange for adequate compensation.


Do you have a stolen car to make disappear? Someone who needs to get rid of? Do not worry, Jordi thinks of it.

We remain human

We find the character in the DLC Human Conditions, during the “Bad Care” mission, intent on chasing the same people who are occupying the San Francisco DedSEC, that is a criminal group that paralyzed the hospital facilities by inserting a ransomware into their systems and asking for a ransom to eliminate it.


Initially Marcus and Jordi collide, not knowing that they are in practice on the same side, but then decide to join forces to defeat the Russian hackers who attacked.


The phases that make up the mission often see us act in the first person while Jordi provides support from distance, perhaps by embracing a sniper rifle and creating diversions that allow us to identify the objectives without having to constantly think about the guards. The grand finale on the huge yacht stands as a synthesis of the best elements of


watch dogs 2 ps4: stealth action, flying hacking and a rapid removal in the open sea, complete with a pursuit by the police. Nice also the script, with dialogues that finally tear some smile and improve the narrative aspect of the basic campaign is not very successful.

 Watch Dogs 2 release date

Part of the series Watch Dogs
Announcement date June 8, 2016
Release date

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One : 
November 15, 2016

PC ( Microsoft Windows ): 
November 29, 2016


The “Automi” mission once again draws its attention to the contradictions of the most advanced technologies, when Doodle launches a car on the market that not only drives itself but knows everything about its driver.

The downside, which the multinational is careful not to specify,is that in this way the ctOS system makes an economic and social assessment of the life of those who drive the car, choosing on those bases who will have priority in case of accident.

We remain human

To stop such a vile plan, Marcus and Wrench decide to enter the president’s house of Doodle to take possession of his access data and then steal the car to reveal to the world how things are.


It is broadly a formula already seen in one of the first missions of the main campaign, and in fact the characters do not fail to joke about, but in practice, the intelligent car will drive itself, giving us not a few headaches.

The third and last single player mission of  the package is “Caustic Progress”, in which Marcus must ally himself against the biohacker Lenni and investigate a pharmaceutical company that makes illegal experiments on homelessness to develop new drugs.


Also in this case all the valuable elements of the  watch dogs 2 xbox one are put in place, with particular emphasis on the stealth phases, the use of drones and the puzzles that appear when a particularly complex system is to be violated.


As mentioned, the single player component is supported in Human Conditions by a series of online elite cooperative challenges, which we can also tackle alone where there are no users available for a match.

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