Warhammer Vermintide 2 Review 

Warhammer Vermintide 2 Review

What do players need from a cooperative action game about brutal slaughter?

Nothing superfluous: just fascinating gameplay, adequately compiled maps and some kind of balance.

So that it’s not boring, and at the same time that every second fight does not end with the death of everyone.

Vermintide 2 has it all. As well as the complete absence of any competitors.

In such conditions it would be extremely strange if the game did not reach the mark of 500 thousand copies sold in a few days  .

The secret of success is indeed obvious: simple as stool management, unrealistically addictive gameplay, a local version of AI Director from Left 4 Dead, as well as hordes of opponents.

Even the plot is simple, but it (as well as the  prehistory of the game ) is easier to learn from somewhere on the Web.

The main thing that is in Warhammer: Vermintide 2, is the gameplay.

Action in which players run from point A to point B, along the way fighting off hordes of enemies.

Around the action and collected the rest of the game.

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If you’ve even run Left 4 Dead at least a couple of times, you’ll instantly feel at home – only with adjustments to the setting.

As well as the fact that the main thing in Vermintide 2 was not the firearm, but the cold one.

In the rest, everything is about the same.

Hordes of enemies there, bosses too, the lack of first-aid kits have not gone away.

And the local AI Director, like in the game Valve, very fond of trolling players in all possible ways.


True, in some aspects, the creation of Fatshark is much gone from its “parent”. For example, here, as in some Diablo, there is equipment.

There are classes of characters, and each one with subclasses.

Well, the goal of each mission is not just to reach another shelter, but also to do something in the process.

For example, to nail someone with a sledgehammer.

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Subclasses and equipment is one of the key moments of the game.

No one, of course, will not prevent you from running in standard equipment and with the base class (some are just asking for nerf), but it will still be better if you get dressed up.


Experience characters earn after completing missions, chests with objects are extracted from there as well.

Someone now can say, “Lutboksy, what the hell in this game is lutboksy!” –

Only here these lootboxes are extracted exclusively by in-game way, it will not be possible to buy an advantage for money.

And which advantage over whom, above the bots?

From the boxes falls equipment of different power levels and different colors.

Everything is as it should: ordinary things, unusual, rare and legendary.

The higher your level and the level of the chests that you uncover, the more likely that you will drop standing objects.

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A lot of items in the game

Not only are they broken down by specific characters (there are five of them in the game), so things also happen for different subclasses.

True, it’s all about weapons and all sorts of amulets – armor plays a cosmetic role that reflects your subclass.


 It is possible to rewrite its characteristics, changing the conditional 6% of damage on Scavenam by 5% of the damage on the Scavenam (hello, Kadala!).

It is possible, at last, to extract the appearance of the weapon, then to “pull” it to another. In general, during a break between missions for you, too, there will be classes.

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Enemies are many, and for the most part it’s stupid meat, which is coming to you from different sides.

Dying such meat quickly, and there in principle do not care.Two-handed sword in your hands or a pair of daggers.

And at such times and the choice of weapons, and approach to the enemy matter.


Some, on the contrary, to the blows on the head are unreceptive. Some of the unique enemies take players out of action.


This game manages to generate a huge number of emotions (not always positive, but still).

And constantly something to surprise, creating one interesting situation after another.

The developers also have big plans for the future.Launch of dedicated servers and release of several small additions.


And somewhere near the end of the year, most likely, there will be a console release.

In general, Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is worth its money.

Excellent, brutal shooter, beautiful locations, tolerable (but not without problems, of course) network code and addictive gameplay in the company of friends.

What else do you need from a cooperative action game?