Warhammer: The End Times

Last summer, the company Games is Workshop , dedicated to the creation of the desktop (and not only) games and known primarily for two series: Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Fantasy Battles, – announced the closure of its fantasy wargame and creating on its basis a new one. Warhammer Age of Sigmar although it has much in common with its ancestor, but is a completely different game – with different rules and a slightly different setting.

Ironically, such an important event is almost no impact on the creation of computer adaptations Warhammer Fantasy, on the other hand – the last time we saw the Blood Bowl 2 , in the “early access” is Mordheim: City of the DamnedAnd, of course, not to mention one of the most anticipated projects (not only among fans of “Wahi») – of Total War: of Warhammer .

Another game in the universe of Warhammer Fantasy – co-op shooter Fatshark under the name of Warhammer: End of The Times – Vermintide .

If someone associates not hasten to the aid, the Skaven runner easily straightened with a witch hunter.

Disinfestation. Inexpensive, for regular customers discounts

Dark times have come for … So, stop. Such words can start to describe almost any book or a game of this universe. Fantasy “Vahe”, of course, far from his “forty thousand” counterpart on the part of pathos, but it’s good enough and then, and not very obtrusive.

Epic battles, in which the great heroes converge in fights with the creatures of Chaos, intrigues and conspiracies, power struggles, and for the very existence of the human race – like stuffed mountain related products, ranging from books and video games, completing the comic, not to mention themselves “nastolki “.

In the case of Vermintidenotorious dark times have come for one individual city and all its inhabitants. Yubershrayk, border stronghold of the Empire, attacked the huge hordes of Skaven – humanoid rats. Ratman is not that uncommon, but usually they live in urban sewage and dungeons and do not represent a serious danger.

However, this time completely different case – within hours Yubershrayk evolved from a rich and beautiful city is now a rat’s nest. Skaven everywhere, they do not spare anyone, and if they are not stopped, soon there will be no living representative of the human race.

Nevertheless, there were those who did not wish to surrender at discretion, and prefer an inglorious death at least escape with weapons in their hands. Five of heroes – a witch hunter, elf-patrol, dwarf-ranger, magician and imperial soldiers. Not much, but such a small force can reverse the course of events – with the help of the players, of course.

Use ranged weapons against conventional Skaven – unforgivable extravagance, but sometimes it is compulsory.

Magnificent Five and innkeeper

Although the five available characters at the same time in the game can participate only four people (there is also blunt bots instead of people missing in the party). The authors try to achieve the maximum immersion into the atmosphere of the universe of Warhammer from the outset.

The lobby is decorated in a restaurant, by chance remains intact and available mission list stylized map of the city, lying on the table. Short training, which includes equipment necessary equipment and setting selection, selection of players (extremely fast, which is very pleasing) – and forward into battle. No more boring tables and an interface that stands out from the general style.

Attention to the campaign setting level, up to the smallest detail – for example, pay attention to the decoration of the rooms of each of the characters.