The word “clone” is now for some reason, almost no use in relation to, sorry, the clones. As if it were something bad. Probably, the public fed up with them at a time when clones of Warcraft 2 and C & C called all RTS, all the shooters were clones of Doom, and everything “bagels” were clones for some reason Diablo. But Vermintide – it’s just a classic, shameless, and even pretty good clone.

With Left 4 Dead lapped almost everything designed for co-op gameplay, automatic exchange of remarks character when they suddenly there is a topic of conversation, and even bosses. No, krysolyudskie analogues Plevalschitsy tank or in the world of the fantasy Warhammer appeared to Valve’s hit release, but who cares? The main thing is not the monsters and the year of their birth, and how they are used.

In Yubershrayke there was a small trouble: a giant bipedal rat – Skaven – povylazili out of their holes and now prevent honest people live in your beautiful city and very gloomy. And five soldiers who happened to find themselves in this corner of paradise in the midst of the holiday season, have something to do with all that.

Familiar with Left 4 Dead, the new almost never see: run through the huge map and blow the horn, and then a few minutes to fend off hordes of enemies; run through the huge map and blow up multiple objects, and then get away from the hordes of enemies; bring to a specified point of several similar objects. Well, fighting off hordes of enemies. Eka prodigy.

It is clear that this set is difficult to surprise someone, but Vermintide is aimed at those who are close to the grim aesthetics of the world of Warhammer. On those days, without the battle with the Ratman, haositov, orcs, or God knows what else think frankly boring.

For those who want to personally waving huge war hammer, driving the crowd screaming, snorting and squealing rats. Other opponents, alas, in Yubershrayk not a lift, but the Skaven quite well replace the hackneyed zombie.

Review of the Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide

Absolutely no difference from Left 4 Dead, of course, has not done. For example, the local heroes do not look like survivors who, in fact, were the usual “skins” for a single “class”. It’s all serious: some fighters can use shields, attracting the enemy’s attention, rapid elf silently stink monsters from the bow, and the witch does not need ammunition, but the abuse of the spell can lead to tragic consequences.

Pleasant nuance? Yes. Whether they are making a significant diversity? If you play at higher difficulty levels (preferably – with friends), try to find all the secrets – yes, perhaps.

Among random passengers Vermintide it is difficult to distinguish from Left 4 Dead, and to play under such conditions it is even more difficult: the newcomers do not pay attention to the features of the characters, and if the party wormed Rambo or the navel of the Earth, then the outcome will be sadder than the Valve game .

Raging out of the game – and the place of any man takes a bot, which is only good at something, to pull rare healing potion right from under your nose.

In addition to the “campaign” (and in fact – a series of loosely connected cards) is here and mode Last Stand, but the main feature Vermintide, which, apparently, is to maximize the interest in the game – scuffling with equipment. Each successful card ends up being handed to you some random item. As a rule, not for a character for whom you prefer to play. This veshchichki can be improved or, for example, to merge with other trash to yield, again, do not get over that.

Review of the Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide

But whether such tricks are needed? In my opinion, they are totally unnecessary, since bleeding is rather conventional and rather shows the player’s level of experience, rather than making it much stronger. Is it worth it, knowing it, tinker with three bows, one of which the rate of the second – more powerful, and the third has some unique effect that is activated once per twenty shots? The thing is boring, because there is no PvP, and can cope with Skaven and basic weapons, would be a direct hand.