Warhammer End Times: Vermintide

In the midst of a veritable avalanche of Warhammer- based games , at a time when Games Workshop has opened its hand with license like never before,

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

there are all kinds of hopes and fears about what we expect from licensing in our favorite medium. Between 40,000 and Fantasy there is a whole wave of games in the most different formats and in the hands of all kinds of developers, some with little name, so the doubts are there.

The Park

At the moment we are not getting very badly unemployed -with some exception like the forgettable Storm of Vengeance- and, in fact, this Vermintide comes to give us more hope that those who are working on the license are taking it seriously.

The creators, the Swedish studio Fatshark , are not development superstars, but have shown a good level with titles like Lead & Gold and their best-known work, the multiplayer title War of the Rose. But with Vermintide we can say that they have consecrated


and made a qualitative leap, in addition to securing a title that we can assure that it will be very popular (already it is being, with a good sales start on Steam).


The keys: doing things well, not getting complicated or getting lost in overly ambitious elements, having clear objectives and references and, importantly, debugging the game in a long and intense beta phase of payment in which it is appreciated that the study has been left the skin and has been on top of what the players commented.

Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide (PC) screenshot

Warhammer End Times is a cooperative multiplayer title created in the image and likeness of titles like Left 4 Dead , in which four players face a force far superior in number, trying to survive through different missions and scenarios.


But zombies are already boring at this point, so here we find a much more interesting enemy in the form of Skaven, the cruel and innumerable rat-men who have set out to conquer one of the main cities of the empire, Ubersreik.


Confident in their impenetrable walls, the defenses of the city are caught completely by surprise when thousands of enemies emerge from the sewers, channels, attacking with malignant precision the main nerve centers of the city.

In the middle, and due to different personal circumstances, five characters are represented that represent the classes that we can select: a witch hunter, a sorceress, a dwarf, an elf and an imperial soldier. Each one has its own fighting style and


skills that make it necessary in battle, although not essential. It is through the combination of forces when the group can withstand the


onslaughts of a clearly superior force and advance the objectives of each map. Each character has in common two fundamental types of weapons: one at a distance, and another melee . There is ammunition and limitations for weapons at a distance, so the melee will be habitual, but within that there are many elements to take into account.

Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide (PC) screenshot

In melee there are two basic attacks, one normal and one charged, plus the right button to block and a push that can be useful to give us some space to maneuver. There is also an elusive movement that requires a lot of reflexes, but that can save us from some scare.


Within this, the scope, damage and defensive ability changes depending on the class, and within the class of the type of melee weapon that we have.


For example, both the imperial soldier and the dwarf can be equipped with a shield and a one-handed weapon, or they can opt for a two-handed weapon, increasing their offensive capacity at the expense of defense. But you have to keep in mind that the Skaven 

they can arrive on either side, they attack en masse, so on the one hand you have to know how to move well to receive as little damage as possible -the health potions do not abound- and on the other hand you have to count on your companions to cover your backs -or in the worst case, to resuscitate us.