Wargaming employee sent an offensive promo code to World of Warships streamer – Igromania

Recently World of Warships was criticized for aggressive monetization and abuse of loot boxes, however, this was the damage to reputation Wargaming did not end: it became known that one of the company’s employees sent the streamer a promotional code with an offensive message.

The victim turned out to be the Russian streamer Turry – he was expelled from the affiliate program for excessive criticism of the developers. Together with the rest of the players on the Russian servers, Turry received a promotional code that opens access to bonus game content – “W0LAXU5FKUTURY5”.

And everything would be fine if not for one thing: English-speaking users noticed that the highlighted part of the code “W0LAXU5FKUTURY5 “is offensive in nature. In simple terms, the streamer was sent far away.
Wargaming later confirmed that the offending code was not a random error. In their message on the official forum, the developers apologized to the streamer and assured that the culprit had already been identified and punished.

In addition, the company offered Turry a new apology promo code – TURRYWEARESORRY.

The offended streamer, in turn, admitted that at first the message in the promo code hurt him very much, but then he decided to look at the situation with humor. However, neither an apology nor two bonus promotional codes for its subscribers will be able to completely make amends for Wargaming.

By the way, Turry was not invited back to the affiliate program either. The streamer admitted that he himself would not have returned, but he will not stop creating content for World of Warships – he really likes the game.

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