War of Financial Gaps: Warner Bros. will attract AI to evaluate film fees and actor value

American company Warner bros decided to adopt artificial intelligence in the development of new films and assess future risks. This publication reports The hollywood reporter.

As part of the initiative, the filmmaker entered into an agreement with the company Cinelytic and can now use her AI-based project management system. This will allow you to analyze projects in the early stages, evaluating the value of actors in any film market, as well as the estimated film fees in movie theaters and on-line venues.

As a result, potentially unsuccessful films will be screened out in the early stages, which will save the studio a lot of money.

Cinelytic’s customers have already become companies Uglydolls and Playmobil. Yes, their platform will not become a lifesaver and will not be able to predict such surprises for a billion dollars as “JokerTodd PhillipsHowever, it will save time by focusing on more important tasks.

Cinelytic’s solution can be especially effective at film festivals when studios are forced to spend huge amounts of money buying rights to films or scripts without having enough time to assess the risks. For Warner Bros. it’s very important, considering the tape failures “Shaft“,”Godzilla: Monster King“and”Kitchen

“When it comes to a general assessment of a movie or the cost of a star, the system can calculate in a matter of seconds what a person used to take a few days,” said Cinelytic CEO Tobias Kuisser.

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