Wacky Spores: The Chase

Mushrooms to be picked up
Wacky Spores: The Chase can be labeled as a “RPG Runner,” a title that combines the shuffle system used in role-playing games wi
th the goal of traveling as far as possible. In this game we will control 3 mushrooms at the same time, moving them within the level of play in any direction we want, taking care not to collide with the insects (the enemies we will face) an
d their bullets; As soon as the timer will allow us, we and our enemies will stop and attack them with different weapons and special moves at our disposal.It is here that the game shows its true RPG nature: each mushroom has different statistics and different moves, and it will be important to carefully choose which order to shoot our characters and with which weapon, since they are often not available for ever
yone and the fighter. In fact, it will be necessary to use a different gun each time, if we want to equip one that was previously used with another of our mushrooms. The 3 characters control different areas of the territory (the first one i
s only in the highest, the second on the central and the third in the lower one), and not being able to move and move freely in other areas need to be careful not to be overwhelmed from enemies, something that could happen very soon given the very challenging nature of the game.
Wacky Spores: The Chase
Cute insects, but lethal
Wacky Spores is in fact very punitive, and in order to be able to progress as much as possible, it will be necessary to repeat the same identical scenario again and again. In order to be able to get other characters, new weapons and artifacts (special boosts) we will have to advance to level, and in doing so we will have to collect the various coins collected by defeatin
g the enemies or completing several quests within the level (eg running for a certain period time without harming or killing a number of enemies) that will give you extra precious extra coins.The main defect of the game is unfortunately this: the excessive grinding needed to be able to have a chance against insects; At first, gambling is likely to be monotonous, repetitive and frustrating because of the poor equipment and grinding needed, and can only really take off after getting enough extra levels. Wacky Spores
 but it does manage to retain some charm, thanks to its colorful cartoon visuals and its humor, including several citations to other famous video games and movies we particularly appreciated; unfortunately the game has not been translated into Italian, so if you do not chew English well, you may not catch some references. The games also do not last long, making it an
ideal title for short and fun game sessions. The gameplay itself is simple and straightforward to understand: you will not need to follow long tutorials, being all easy to understand. Perhaps it may not be profound enough for some categories of gamers, but we do not think this is the case: the immediacy and speed with which the gameplay takes place is what prompts repeatedly to repeat the levels