Vulkan 1.2 Graphic API Update Released – review

Introduced a new version of the graphics API Vulkan under number 1.2. This standard is being developed by the consortium. Khronos and the latest version includes 23 changes and extensions requested by the developers. The main ones were GPU acceleration technologies.

This graphic standard is used in games, and version 1.2 is aimed at improving and developing existing technologies. It is noteworthy that updating hardware solutions is not required. Simply put, all cards that support previous versions of Vulcan will work with the new one.

Note that the system, as before, is cross-platform, allowing you to run games on various OS and hardware platforms.

Currently, five manufacturers of graphics solutions are already certified to work with version 1.2. it AMD, ARM, Imagination technologies, Intel and NVIDIA. Also supported driver Mesa radv open source for AMD.

Of course, it is too early to talk about ready-made games based on Vulkan 1.2, but we can expect that they will appear in the foreseeable future.