Virtual Eagles

 Eagle flight review

More or less since we exist as a human race, among our recurrent dreams appears to have the possibility to fly. Thanks to technological advances in today’s world, there are those who do it by sitting inside an airplane or, with greater disregard for danger, wearing wing suits that allow you to experience all the adrenaline of a bird’s flight. For a few days, thanks to virtual reality, there is a third possibility dedicated to those who want to fly comfortably stand in slippers in their living room.


To make all this possible is Eagle Flight, a title developed by Ubisoft Montreal and recently arrived on PC and PlayStation 4, with support to the most widespread viewers on the market.Born as a simple demo dedicated to virtual reality, the project has then expanded to become a game in all respects, giving way to players to dress the clothes (or perhaps we should say the feathers) of an eagle.


As we are about to see,  eagle flight ps4 performs its task with discrete success, so there is nothing left for us to wear the PlayStation VR and open our virtual wings in  eagle flight oculus.

Thanks to some choices, Eagle Flight is one of the most appreciable titles on PlayStation VR

 Eagle flight gameplay


Eagle flight wheel simulators presents itself to the player with a single or multiplayer mode of play, plus an additional free flight. As a backdrop to all of these we find a city of Paris completely abandoned by man, in which the green took possession of buildings, while animals of every race populated the streets instead of cars. 


In this context we are called to live the adventure of a young eagle, through a story that starts from the first moments of life in the nest to get to fall in love and beyond.

Virtual eagles
Virtual eagles

It is told through a series of missions of different types, but more or less similar to those we would expect from a flight simulator. It starts with simpler tasks, such as crossing a series of circles placed in the air, then moving on to more difficult targets, such as making changes through the narrow tunnels of the Parisian subway or flying with his partner, protecting it from attack by enemy birds. S

oon we realize that the simple initial stages are destined to become familiar with the control system, and that the level of difficulty of  eagle flying drawing  is not at all trivial; indeed, in the most advanced stages the game requires a growing commitment that could discourage those who do not like “trial and error” mechanics.


Those who want to put themselves constantly to the test also find an evaluation system that assigns a certain number of stars to each mission faced, making it so replayable especially by perfectionists intent on getting the most out of every situation. In case you do not fall into the latter category, you will spend about four hours of flight in a rather pleasant way, before giving you the multiplayer mode.


The latter presents a unique typology derived from the classic capture the flag, in which two teams composed of three players each challenge each other to bring home the largest number of prey placed between the palaces of Paris.To do so, as well as on their ability in flight, each eagle can count on a wave to shoot through its own beak, able to kill the opponents affected.


Without inventing anything new, the multiplayer mode of  eagle flight days  can entertain thanks to the presence of other human beings, which obviously gives the online game a more unpredictable and profound component. The effort of Ubisoft Montreal builds its qualities above all on the possibility of testing a mastery of the “medium” far from obvious and rewarding in the stages of success, as we are about to see.