Video Games Without Borders: Yoshi’s Island

A tender adventure
Despite the title, Super Mario World 2 , the only gameplay link with the previous title was Yoshi. The goal of these creatures in the game was to get to the end of the various levels protecting Baby Mario, which we will always bring on our shoulders. And yes, we said Yoshi, because at the end of each world there will be a different colored dinosaur to take on the job. In the Games Without Borders, it was crucial that there was a team spirit between the participants in order to be able to complete the crazy trials made available, recalling that they were born as an opportunity to strengthen friendship among the participating countries
Even in Yoshi’s Island, we can review these issues: even more, thanks to this title, the friendship that will be born in the future between Mario and the Yoshi, is also highlighted, furthermore, the job is not easy to protect him during the trip is carried out by only one individual, but it is the whole clan to take responsibility, taking the baby in turn.
 Gameplay mechanics were quite easy to understand: Yoshi can swallow smaller enemies to create eggs, then use it as ammunition to defeat other more problematic ones (Piranha Plants for example, or even against bosses themselves) or to hit distant objects , often essential to be able to continue within the level. However, this is a challenge, so we will have lives as in most classic games, with the only difference that we will have a special counter of time in place of a health bar, which will start falling as soon as we get hit; Baby Mario will fly away with a bubble and if the seconds will come to zero it will be finally kidnapped, losing a life as a result. Being a platform it is not the only way we can lose a life;
Video Games Without Borders: Yoshi's Island, the last episode of the summer
Yoshi without frontiers
The graphic aspect of the game was something completely new to the series: entirely handmade, with lively colors and recalling the style used in childhood to draw different enemies and elements inside the game. Yoshi’s Island was a real joy to the eyes of that time and continues to defend itself more than just in the last few years; a title that, thanks to its liveliness, could attract any kind of video game player, from the youngest to the more adult ones, and it has not been randomly replicated over the years. 
To understand the success, just think about Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi’s Island , the faithful porting made for Game Boy Advanceto the point that this version was just being replicated within the virtual console on 3DS and Wii U , rather than the original release on SNES .
The series also received several spin-offs and sequels such as Yoshi’s Story on Nintendo 64 , Yoshi’s Island DS for the console, Yoshi’s New Islandon 3DS and Yoshi’s Wooly World on Wii U (and its porting on 3DS , Poochy & Yoshi’s Wooly World ). In 2018 there is also another Yoshi game for Switch, while for this year younger players should definitely look at the Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System (or, abbreviated, SNES Mini), where Yoshi’s Island will feature Yoshi’s Island, which could represent the right opportunity to try this title for the first time.