Very touching – a Russian couple of cosplayers stunningly embodied the images of Iris and Zack from Final Fantasy VII

While some fans Final Fantasy VII with bated breath waiting for the March premiere of a remake of the cult role-playing game, others direct their expectation in the creative direction.

So, a married couple of cosplayers from Russia, Natalya and Alex Kochetkovbetter known by their aliases Narga and Aoki, in a recent photo shoot, reincarnated as fan favorite Iris Gainsborough and Zack Fair of Final Fantasy VII and prequel Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII.

You can evaluate how a couple of cosplayers managed to embody the images of iconic characters in gentle and at the same time touching cosplay in the following selection of photos:

See other works of Russian cosplayers Narga and Aoki possible on their pages in Instagram.

A remake of Final Fantasy VII will debut on PlayStation 4 on March 3, 2023.

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