Vengeful Souls Free RPG: Heroes, Clans & Battles – minimalistic fantasy casting

The game called “The Vengeful Souls Free” is called, but with a well-known cable car has nothing in common – yes, the American studio has not yet monopolized the word, which titled their main hit.

As the history of the game world says, many centuries ago the First Empire of people fell.

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The spread of which now resisted by the brave heroes of the Second Empire.

It’s not hard to guess that one of these heroes becomes a player.

Unlike most mobile MMOs, re-enriched with functions that the eyes are running away, Vengeful Souls Free do not try to load the user with boring mechanics that are inappropriate in the mobile game.

The game became as simple as it was possible according to the developer.

All information on the quests, skills and other parameters of the game are stored on the server, and the application itself weighs almost nothing – about 20 MB in the installed form.

The game in general could  called browser-based,if not its own shell instead of the usual Internet browser.

We select the quest, the enemy, we press the button “into battle” – the battle begins. To hit the enemy, press the corresponding button.

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The hero can be trained, which replaces the usual pumping through the levels. However, there are also levels in Vengeful Souls Free. Equipment – entirely or some of its elements – falls out during the passage of quests.

Vengeful Souls Free RPG: Heroes, Clans & Battles poster

The quest is not so much as we would like. There are tasks that make up the passage of the main plot, there are dungeons and side quests that can be taken in the tavern, and, of course, there are “dailies” – daily tasks.


In the presence and arena, that is, the PVP mode, where you can pass the time between the quest battles, and also earn extra silver.


In addition, there are cooperative regimes: Portal (playing with members of the clan) and Invasion (global cooperative).


It is very interesting to read the local bestiary. Enemies are many, and each has its own story, which will help to fully penetrate the atmosphere of the game world.

Vengeful Souls Free RPG: Heroes, Clans & Battles apk screenshot

Since the game network, without a social component in the “Vengeful Souls Free” was not without: organized a system of clans, there is a general chat for all players – everything, like everyone else, in principle. The community is lively and friendly, support friendly and courteous.


In general, to call the “Vengeful Souls Free” a full-fledged RPG can not be. But as a mobile game it’s just a great solution. The player does not need to saw for half an hour in endless locations to get or pass another quest: clicked the right button – the process went. You can quite easily play short periods, but the game does not become less interesting.

The quests are quite amusing – and this is already a good half of required  a role-playing game.


Pros :

  • simple gameplay without frills;
  • nice 2D drawing;
  • a good story;
  • presence of all major mechanics RPG;
  • living social component;
  • PVP;
  • regular updates;
  • cloud preservation through VC;
  • The game works on all mobile platforms.

Cons :

  • the game does not work without the Internet.