According to the scenario, Valkyria Revolution , unlike ChroniclesIt takes place in an alternate universe, similar to the industrial era in Europe. Instead of war, we have a revolution. The main characters, the tradition of Japanese anime – bandits, rebels and insurgents.

The wicked are also the generals and commanders of the empire. Watch plot moves becomes unbearable in the fifth minute of the game. Plot rolls so much that “M. Kojima,” Does anyone have to learn to do more long cutscene. But unlike the other big story of games, we are waiting for a dull and banal dialogue.

Compassion, freedom, love and loyalty will be to sound snobbish from the lips badly animated dummy, which in addition to breast size does can not boast. Watch the script development and all the intricacies of no interest at all.

The game is not intriguing and can not boast of colorful characters. But what haveRevolution does not take away, it’s pathos. It so much that without a smile on his face watching the scene is almost impossible.


Valkyria Revolution (Valkyria: Azure Revolution) - review
Sometimes the game looks nice. Mostly …


Come to this scenario, the main problem of the new game – it is the gameplay itself. New Valkyria this time decided to stop being a tactical turn-based strategy, becoming a poorly implemented JRPG. And here, as you may have guessed, there is a paradox.

The main components of a good JRPG? That’s right – the script, the characters and dialogues. Here it, as we said earlier, no. The NPC, perhaps, and look pretty in terms of design, but at the end of the passage of the game you do not even remember their names, so they are wooden and unprescribed. Political disassembly and internecine intrigue, diluted pretentious statements will not be able to captivate even the inveterate political scientist.

The English version of the game sounded, by the way, is not plausible. Actors overplayed, confused tone, sometimes it seems that we see a comedy skit rather than something really serious and about the revolution in the country. Music in the game enjoyable, again, for the time being. Sooner or later, the player will notice, on what went hack developers, creating a repeating low-cost music.


Valkyria Revolution (Valkyria: Azure Revolution) - review
The characters are so wooden that role Karabas-Barabas has secured the player
until the end of the story.


In addition to the main story of history, there are side quests from the category of “Come, kill, capture, come back, get a reward.” In principle, the entire game is built on this principle. In terms of the combat system is waiting for us a typical Japanese slashers with timing on the ability and strokes. Use machine guns, grenades and the ability of party members you’ll only on bosses, who are no different from the usual enemies except for one thing – a huge health bar. From of JRPG Valkyria RevolutionIt retained the ability to move on the hub, where the main character can communicate with passers-by and friends, buy materials for crafting and clothing. Here you can pump your brothers-in-arms, pick up their equipment and give the ability to once it was easier to fight. Bleeding, surprisingly, standing in the game. There really have something to learn, a lot of abilities and characteristics. That’s only to use of such an extensive sample player is a few strokes, forgetting the efforts of developers to make the game more diverse. It’s hard to believe, but new Valkyria formula is as follows: 10 minutes wooden videos, plus monotonous brown trimming locations a la easiest slashers, plus running around the hub to find new things and pieces of the story. That’s given us as a continuation of the excellent Chronicles. The saddest thing that the more time you spend for the long load between the videos that for some unknown reason made the game engine, and each level is loaded for nearly a minute.


Valkyria Revolution (Valkyria: Azure Revolution) - review
Sometimes brown locations are green, but this happens as rarely
as the abstruse dialogues in the story.