Urban Empire

Subsequently series Patrician improved conceptually in the second part (in 2000), then polished in the third graph (m-2003). Fourth generation drove a “casual” audience and made in full 3D after another seven years. A detailed history of this series,

I described here . We only recall that Patrician IV was destined to complete the range of economic policies. To revive something like that risked an entirely new development team from the Finnish city of Tampere – Studio Reborn Interactive has (almost illustrious neighbors Colossal Order ).

Announcement Urban Empire in the last year sounded promising- no joke, urban development strategy with two centuries of settlement history of the development from a small village to a metropolis with futuristic technology, where the player is set aside the mayor’s seat and the role of a diplomat. Tasks are different from those to which we are accustomed in SimCity and Cities: Skylines .

We are expected to will and concrete public decisions with the voting procedure. That’s where the closely held parallel with the political component of the Patrician . I propose to determine whether to play in such an interesting today.

All the elections!

Foundation Urban Empire performs administrative convincing simulation. In 1820, the year somewhere in the backwoods of Austria, on the bridgehead Swarelian fictional region (called the localization Shvetsaliey), one of the four most influential dynasties Emperor trusts the establishment of settlements. Gate urban development works have under close supervision federal surrogates from several fractions to left, right or centrist beliefs.

Enlist their support or, alternatively, in a stormy confrontation with them elected emperor of the family will decide the fate of the citizens.

Do we accept the laws for the support of the poor? Or maybe go up to the pedestal of equality? What if you hit into capitalist ideas? Let all start fighting the desire to get rich! Even it is possible to get used to the role of Russian immigrants – set yourself a huge salary and dilute the architectural kitsch on their own wealth.

Only sooner or later, such a leader will lose votes parties. The mayor with a rash decision and eternal opposition to quickly find a replacement. If you lost the election, then start all over from scratch.

In Urban Empireno deputy, “the bench”, as well as the possibility to regain the mayor’s seat in the future. And save the download does not save the situation – leads to the defeat of more than one action, as long false path.

The consequences in the form of a deep hole in the budget after the electrification of the two areas, which conducted using blackmail and threats of parties on the ballot. But beautiful!
It looks interesting at first glance. When events begin to repeat, you are ready to act solely for the benefit of themselves. And the benefit there may be only one – plus a personal reputation.
The higher the rating, the greater the chance to support the parties in the vote. Do you want to demolish the hospital? Most likely, the public men were strongly opposed. But if the reputation is high, then everything will go smoothly. In the worst case, we persuade dissenting leader, for example by means of blackmail.


The mayor directs but does not build

Really nothing can be build? Almost. You can, for example, mark areas with the distribution of commercial, industrial and residential areas, and even arrange special buildings such as hospitals, fire station, school. The future of the city is determined by scientific research, reforms and political decisions. They draw the consequences of all sizes. Support the Nazis in the middle of the XX century? What will concern the idea of ​​limiting the freedom of speech? You will be asked even about personal attitude to the decriminalization of homosexuality, or the need to deprive women of the right to open a business. More than a thousand mikrostsenariev with several courses of action.