It would seem, as you can operate the RPG Maker? But the limits of imagination independent developers there is no end, and that’s on the line we have another pixel adventure about the “extraordinary” popadantsa.

Unhappy Ever After – debut game studio Warped Tales, that unfolds in the gloomy, but otherwise typical created by the above software games Twelve little world Duchy.

The classical formula: have its own purpose, but there still are involved in passing a small car and the downtrodden, and all need your help.

The way to achieve the desired thorny and challenging here and magic, and underground worlds, and the damn forest, gradually absorbing all around … But first things first.

The game starts quite casually: Sofia, librarian daughter late at night helping his father bring the room in order, when suddenly a strange portal throws it on the edge of the wood blank. After a relatively safe arrival in the small town Driftburg adventures begin, and you will almost immediately give half a dozen quests.

And now you are going to explore the area in search of what will return to his native London to Sofia beginning of the XVIII century, and other things, so necessary for the NPC experiments with their own children, then to get rid of drug addiction.

Of course, the slow but steady progress towards goals often have to engage in battle – if not in the inventory you do not have a decent stock of net Pythia or Nepente, scaring opponents with a probability of 100 percent and 50 percent sootvetstvuenno.

As many enemies appear clumsy, but in his own charming creatures, from carnivorous snails and ordinary robbers to huge hands and spitting fire bats.

Turn-based battles are optimal rate, they do not look monotonous due to the binding sequence to that of mobility of each individual character. However, the preparation for it seems to be much more interesting than the fights themselves.

Each has a unique set of enemy attack, different from the other in scope type (physical or magic) and side effects (stupor, sleeping, etc.).

Enemies are tied to locations, respectively, to each of the following quests have to equip a little differently than you need, and take appropriate potions. Development of magical abilities, Sofia-found the girl because of the ability to read – including scrolls with spells -also better to calculate in advance.

There are 3 pairs of “schools” will be available: fire and ice, earth and lightning, darkness and light; pumped in one direction from each pair will inevitably lead to a weakening of her opposition.

Other parameters such as the levels of health and mana, protection and dexterity, or increased automatically, or may be increased with accessories or special armor and weapons. Taken together, all this provides a standard, a little distilled RPG with a comfortable, but nothing stood out in particular boevka.

On the second place by the share in the gameplay after the fights are all kinds of choices. Kill this character or pardon? Report NPC bad news or not? Agree to execute “quest loyalty” (or at least some side-quest, again, for that matter), or simply to do their work?

Many of the decisions you are taking affect for the most part on the perception of your party members and NPC (which, incidentally, also depends on the use of dark magic or light), but there are a couple of plot-points.

If we talk about the implementation of secondary quests, then of After of Ever Unhappy – one of those times when you almost forced to take on them. One of the triggers tied to the degree of “fame” of the main character in Driftburge, and the main mission of the variety is not particularly shine.