Uncle Chris was satisfied: Players donated another $ 10 million to Star Citizen in December

Studio Cloud imperium games Chris Roberts reported on a new record for raising funds for the development of the game Star citizen. Information is available at company official website.

It turned out that in December 2019, the players donated about 10.5 million dollars. Moreover, the month is not over yet, and since December 23, gamers daily replenish Chris Roberts’s wallet by an average of 320 thousand dollars.

Note that in November 2019, the company managed to attract $ 9.7 million, and in early December, Cloud Imperium Game announced a new record – the project budget exceeded the $ 250 million mark. Thanks to new successes, the total amount of donations exceeded $ 260 million.

Star Citizen still has no clear release date – the game is in Alpha 3.8 stage. At the same time, a story-oriented branch is still planned for 2023. Squadron 42.

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